Think back to the first animated movie you ever saw. Got it? Now think about how that video made you feel. What went through your mind as you watched it? Where you captivated, mesmerised, entranced? There’s something truly magical about animation. Animation has the power to take even the most grown-up and serious of us right back to a childlike sense of wonder.

No doubt, that first animated movie you saw however many years ago is vastly different to modern-day animation. One of the things we love about animation and creating animated videos is that we can constantly push the boundaries, ever exploring the realms of possibility. When we work with animation, we’re working with our imaginations and little else, and that’s what makes animated movies so special to watch.

With so much possibility in the world of animation, there are few things more exciting than working to create a bespoke animated video. It’s also worth considering that animation can be used in and for almost any video format – animated videos don’t always have to be children’s stories. Animation can be used for explainer videos, advertisements, CSR videos, documentaries and many more. All you need to do to realise how animation can lift your videos is use a little bit of that childlike imagine lurking within us all.

We at Offing Media boast an exceptionally talented team of animators and digital video production specialists. There are endless options and boundless opportunities, from highly stylised cartoon drawings to hyper-real animations. Consider how different types and styles of animation communicate different things in their very aesthetics.

We know exactly how to use animation to put across those subliminal messages that really enhance any video. There’s absolutely no limit to the type of video we can produce using animation, so whatever your video needs are, don’t hold back from considering animation. We make video affordable in all that we do, and we’d love to work with you to create something wonderful.