Getting a Business Audience Engaged through LinkedIn Video.

LinkedIn is that business platform that is a business/networking hybrid that goes through your contacts and invites people with relevant industry experience to connect with you. It’s a good idea with a lot of traction, and to prove it, the platform was bought by that other online entity you may have heard of, Microsoft. Beyond being a social platform, LinkedIn is a useful stage to promote business videos you’ve created.

The goal of LinkedIn to 2-fold: to help expand your network of contacts, and to build your credibility in your field with ratings about your work and experience. While you may find after a short while that your contacts in LinkedIn are pretty random, with people in business areas that are of indirect value to you, you can also find that you have some very interesting, industry-relevant names in your contacts too, some of whom you can impress with your latest video offering,

To make an impact with LinkedIn, many viral video rules apply:

  • Provoke your audience to view with an appropriate teaser question to stimulate curiosity.

  • Set a question that sets-off a strongly yes or no answer in most viewers.

  • After two lines of text, LinkedIn will not show further text about a video unless users click See More. So your opening lines must pack a punch.

  • Your video must be impactful within the first 7 seconds to prevent audience dropout.

Social networks, like LinkedIn award user engagement with content, comments, likes from your network. When users update and engage with your videos, the content will be available to more of your contacts for their reaction.

Business to business social site

Remember that LinkedIn is a business to business social site, so keep your video related to your contacts’ interests and needs. Make sure that you are the source of well-researched material and switched-on video content that helps separate you from your peers.

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