Client Reviews

High Quality, Affordable Videos

Producing great quality videos for our clients is our first priority, but the experience during the video production process is also important. We deeply care about our customers.

Trakomatic is on a growth path and was progressing to create a new corporate video focusing in the New Retail vertical. We have evaluated several offerings in Credibility, Creativity, Proj Mgmt, Communication, Cost Effectiveness and Offing Media did sufficient prep work for us to sign on the award contract.

It was not an easy journey for Offing Media as we had several proj owner changes and multiple revisions in concept, approach over many details and worst of all, a lack of assigned budget for additional filming needed.

Despite these challenges, the team remained level headed and suggested several constructive approaches towards problem-solving and the result was evidently great. I will strongly recommend a more detail discussion with Offing Media to uncover their competencies.

We are now planning for more vertical focused corporate videos through Offing Media. Thank you guys, you are just great!

Shaun Kwan, Trakomatic

It was a great experience working with Offing Media. The team truly took the time to understand our needs and created a specific package that suited our requirements and budget. They gave us valuable advice and displayed great professionalism. Thanks again!

Priscilla Wong, NTUC Income

We had an extremely tight timeline, but Offing Media made it happen for us! A big thank to the team for their willingness to work within our timeline. They were prompt at responding and very efficient in delivering at every step of the way. They were a pleasure to work with. Thank you once again!

Danielle Kuah, UOB

Engaged offing media during the COVID period but filming was delayed due to covid restrictions. Daya and his team were very understanding of our delayed timeline. They were very responsive and professional throughout the video production process and were very flexible with our requests. Greatly appreciated and highly recommend them!

Sandra Song, Vallianz Holdings Limited

Offing Media has provided local production service (camera, lights, sound, green screen studio arrangement and crew) for two of my projects in Singapore, working fully independently on-site, with me directing the project remotely only. They pay attention to detail during pre-production, communication is always smooth and production is of the highest quality. Definitely a trustworthy company for even large-scale projects.

I sincerely recommend!

Martin Raid, VitaPictura, Estonia

I worked with Offing Media to develop a series of short interview videos. Offing Media is efficient and produces great quality videos 🙂

Cheyenne Ching, Carousell

I have worked with Offing Media Pte Ltd on a corporate video. I am impressed by their professionalism and customer-first services. They managed to deliver the video with a tight timeline, despite some production challenges given to them.

Overall, it was a pleasure to partner them.

Miguel Ho Xian Da, NTUC Enterprise

Following our move to a new facility in the second half of 2020 we had to produce an effective communication about our new facility for our global customers who would normally be expected to visit our site, but due to Covid were unable to do so. After communicating with the team at Offing Media and seeing some great examples of their previous work, it became an easy decision for us to select Offing as our partner in the production of a couple of videos showing our facility and also our safety procedures. Offing were able to understand almost effortlessly what we were trying to achieve with this video and were extremely helpful in the preparation of the scripts and during the filming itself. As a highly technical/science and engineering-led organisation here in Singapore the praise we received from both management and customers about the quality of the video and also the appearance of our new facility was greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to use Offing Media for future videos and would recommend their service to any interested parties.

Philip Jackson, Nordmann

Offing Media Team positively displayed their professionalism throughout the project. They were very understanding and accommodative towards the timeline we set. Besides providing expert advice, they contributed their effort to go extra miles to include some impressive scenes, with the aim to provide the best to us. It was a pleasure working with Offing Media; a big thank you to the Team!

Thaddes CHAI Ming Cher, PIAS

It is a pleasure to work with Offing Media. Given our tight timeline, they are able to accommodate a lot of requests all the time without compromising the deadline & video quality. Glad that we have made the right choice!

Joe Koh, Armor Asia Imaging

Offingmedia has provided us with great service and professionalism, both during shooting and post-production. The crew worked hard to ensure that the quality standards were met within a tight deadline. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Samuel Loh, Mercedes-Benz