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Corporate Videos

Want to promote your brand or deliver a key message to your clients? Achieve your communication goals with our highly effective business video production service. We specialise in affordable corporate video content, tailored to your needs. Based in Singapore, we work with global clients across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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Event Video Recording | Conference, Seminar Video Production

Offing Media can call on its extensive in-house inventory of audio-visual equipment, and this allows us to provide our clients with a complete event production package. Our in-house inventory includes broadcast cameras, switchers, the latest audio equipment, screen management and LED walls up to 200 square metres in size!

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Health and Safety Video

The welfare of your staff and customers is essential and, as a responsible employer, you need to ensure the safety message gets out there. Video has the unique ability to inform and educate visually, which can help overcome language barriers. As one of the leading health and safety video production companies in Singapore, we offer a complete H&S video production solution. Play it safe and give us a call!

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Product Videos

The best way to sell a product (or service) is to demonstrate how it will make the customer’s life better. We produce product videos that demonstrate the features and benefits and encourage them to buy. These customers expect high levels of product information and will look elsewhere if your company doesn’t meet their needs. So don’t delay – talk to us about product videos that sell.

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Video Testimonials

Nothing sells better than a recommendation from a delighted customer. Video testimonials let your customers talk on your behalf, about your product or service. Put video testimonials on your website and social media platforms and watch the business grow!

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The internet has opened up a substantial new market for targeted video advertising. We produce video ads, promos, TV commercials, YouTube content and online advertisements for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Let us create a captivating video advertising campaign for your product or service.

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E-Learning Videos

E-learning is the future of educational content. It’s cost-effective, easy to distribute and more engaging than traditional printed material. Content can be easily updated to accommodate changes or new processes—avoiding costly print re-runs. So motivate your employees with e-learning videos from Offing Media that inform, educate and entertain.

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Training Videos

Proper training is crucial for improving customer service and maximising your company’s profitability. Often the best way to learn something is to ‘see it done’ and video is a powerful medium for training. Offing Media works closely with our clients to develop instructional videos and training videos that work for them.

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Maritime Video Production

At Offing Media we work with leading shipping companies to produce their corporate, marketing, e-learning and training videos. Need a Health & Safety video for your shipping, freight forwarding or a freight-related business? Drop us a line.

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Website Videos

Good websites provide a visually appealing experience for users, and it’s well recognised that quality video content will improve your SEO and website ranking. Embedding videos on your landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. A good product or promotional video is often the crucial ‘call to action’ that motivates a potential customer to choose your product or service.

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Live Streaming

Offing Media are live streaming media specialists and we can tailor a solution for your next conference, event or product launch. We record the live stream content as well, allowing you to repackage your valuable video assets as marketing videos or even just a video archive.

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3D Animation

Animation can tell your story in a unique way – conveying complex information through captivating imagery. We can produce 2D and 3D animation in a style that suits your brand. From simple ‘whiteboard’ style graphics to eye-popping company logos – find out how animation and motion graphics can add production value to your next video project.

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Explainer Videos

Make sure your audience gets the right message with a professional explainer video produced by Offing Media. Through a combination of animation, motion graphics and live video, we’ll deliver your information with style and professionalism. Explainer videos don’t have to cost a lot either – contact us for a free quote.

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Documentary Video Production

Documentary videos are a great way to explore a topic and tell your story. We have highly experienced writers, producers and crew on call for your next documentary video shoot. Talk to us about your idea, and we can advise you on the best approach to creating your documentary video—from storyboard to final release.

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CSR Videos

Communicating your company’s CSR policy doesn’t have to be boring. We create videos on corporate social responsibility that are creative and engaging. So don’t tell your clients what you do—show them. Video has the power to influence, unlike any other medium. Find out how a CSR video can enhance your brand’s status.

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Video Editing

Professional video editing and post-production is the very core of our business. Our skilled editors, animators and motion graphics designers can turn your raw footage into polished, compelling video. Our Singapore based video production house handles any type of video project – just give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.

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Construction Videos

The Asia Pacific region is humming with large-scale construction projects and Offing Media has been long involved in documenting these builds. Using the best in video technology, we capture the scale and complexity of construction work through time-lapse photography, aerial drone footage and stunning computer graphics. A video is an excellent complement to any prospectus when promoting the sale of real estate property such as new apartment buildings.

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Production Management

Video Production Management High Quality, Affordable Videos Get a Free Quote We know as well as anyone that producing a video takes a great deal of hard work, time and money. This can turn what should be a truly enjoyable experience into a rather daunting and stressful one, but this

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Corporate Video Production Company 

Videos are a highly ‘shared’ commodity in today’s connected world. So what makes a video compelling to watch and worth sharing? A great video is professional, relevant, relatable and entertaining.

Here at Offing Media, we believe that video is the most powerful form of communication. Because of this, we’re committed to providing as many quality video production services as we can. We pride ourselves on being fully flexible, working with you to create something truly special and bespoke. We’re all about creating great video content that motivates the viewer and inspires action. We work with our clients to achieve powerful video products that truly make a difference.We’ll help you drive your message through to the viewer, creating videos that say exactly what you want them to say.

Unfortunately, video production services often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately for you, we work hard to keep costs as low as possible, allowing us the opportunity to offer our services at the most affordable rate  ossible. We made our mark in Singapore video production landscape as a trusted and reliable partner. 

We are a full-service, client-oriented company, and with that comes adaptability. We create videos for any and every purpose, from online advertising to television broadcasting. We’ll also assist you in promoting your videos online with our social media expertise. So have a browse through the services we offer. If you’re looking for something else, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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