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Live Streaming Service in Singapore

The global disruption created by the Covid-19 Pandemic is an ongoing challenge for businesses but live video streaming is a powerful means to overcome many obstacles and keep your company operating smoothly.

Many companies have rushed to offer live-streaming services, but how can you be sure you are getting a high-quality service? Offing Media has years of experience in broadcast live video production, backed up by a large inventory of in-house equipment to cater for events of any size. So you can confidently partner with us, safe in the knowledge that we have the people, equipment
and expertise to deliver your live video content. If you are not familiar with live streaming technology, you might be wondering:
How do I livestream my event?
What is the best platform for live-streaming?
How much does video live-streaming cost?

There are many options available for corporate live streaming in Singapore, and while it’s great to have that choice, it can make decisions more difficult to make. Offing Media are a live streaming production company we work with our clients to establish the best approach for them. Here are some points to consider when developing a strategy for live streaming:

Who is your live stream audience?
Is it a small private group, your customer base or even the general public? Defining your audience will help determine which platform is best suited to your message.

What content do you want to deliver?
What do you want to stream? We provide live streaming services in Singapore for everything from a single person presentation to a large-scale Town Hall meeting.

What is the best platform for your live stream?
If you’re reaching out to the broadest possible audience, sites such as YouTube and Facebook offer the greatest reach. For better control of the whole streaming process, we recommend our clients use paid platforms such as IBM Video, Brightcove and Vimeo Livestream. These services allow you to monetise your stream and stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Can I just do my own livestream?
Live streaming is part of everyday life now. People Face-Time or Skype with each other, or stream video onto Facebook using their phones. So consumers are very aware of live video streaming as a way to get information quickly, which is excellent news for corporates and brands looking to reach out to their customers. However, the risk for businesses when you take a DIY approach to live video is poor quality leading to adverse outcomes. A live stream with bad audio will quickly turn viewers off. Equally, a shaky handheld video filmed on a phone will lose customers and degrade your brand.

Live streaming needs video production expertise.
A livestream is essentially a video shoot that is broadcast as it happens. To achieve a successful stream, we use professional cameras, lighting and sound equipment to ensure your audience receives a high-quality video. For more complex events, we can provide multiple cameras and live switching for a real TV Show experience. Of course, all this content can be recorded and edited for re-use later as standalone videos.

What can I livestream?
Just about anything! Here are some of the many types of live streams we’ve done for our clients:
Training session live streaming (great for product demonstrations too)
Medical live streaming
Conference live streaming
Trade show live streaming
Educational/school live streaming
Ecommerce live streaming (e.g. online sales)
Product launch live streaming (Perfect for creating excitement around your brand)
Auction live streaming (Maximise the pool of potential buyers)
Forum and summit live streaming
Corporate event live streaming (Ideal for large organisations with a distributed workforce)
Connect with your audience

Why is live streaming popular?
It helps people feel more connected. As a viewer, you get the opportunity to be part of a live event, as it happens. To achieve even higher levels of engagement, many of our clients opt for a webinar format. Participants subscribe in advance, log in to the webinar platform and are provided with opportunities to contribute to the live stream. Webinars are particularly suited to events that require more complex information delivery, with options for Q&As from participants.

Book your live stream event today
The cost of live streaming is very much guided by the requirements of your event. Thankfully there are many options available now so Offing Media can tailor a package to suit your needs and your budget.

The global marketplace has changed, and live streaming is no longer just a nice to have service it’s a must-have. Whether it’s for clients or staff live streaming will be a necessity to meet demands to reduce company costs and sustainability targets.

At Offing Media, our strength is in professional video production. We can provide a live stream solution with high production values that can be recorded locally, as it is being streamed. This way, you can leverage your content for other applications once the stream is finished. Want to edit a highlights clip from your live-streamed event? We can do that for you.

So if you’re looking for a live streaming company in Singapore that combines proven audio-visual and video production expertise with the latest in live video streaming technology, contact the team at Offing Media.

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