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Power up your Landing Page with Video

Landing pages are a proven strategy for attracting customers and boosting sales. The best landing pages are simple, visually attractive and laser-focused on one goal—getting the user to act. This action could be buying a

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What is an Explainer Video?

Some products and services are self-explanatory—we understand how they work and their benefits to us. Technological innovation often creates new products that the consumer has never seen or used before. An explainer video is an

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How to Get More YouTube Views

Every day, people around the world watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube.  No wonder it’s the second most visited site on the internet. This popularity is both good and bad news. Yes,

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The Five stages of Video Production

If you are planning to make a business video, you might be wondering—what is involved in video production? There are five key phases in the corporate video production process. We’ll explain how they work and

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What does a Videographer do?

The job title ‘videographer’ refers to the person who operates a video camera and films content for corporate video production, TV news or live events. What is the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer?

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The Best Video Meeting Apps in 2020

THE BEST VIDEO MEETING APPS IN 2020 The global lockdown has challenged businesses to find new ways of working, and it’s no surprise that video collaboration apps have exploded in popularity. There are so many

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Testimonial Video Singapore

Testimonial Video Singapore Ι Testimonial Video Company Ι Testimonial Video Recording Ι Testimonial Video Video Testimonials Video testimonials are the best way to build your credibility. It shows the viewers that you are a trustworthy,

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