Hiring a Commercial Videographer in Singapore

Commercial Videography Singapore


Commercial Videography is another term for Professional Videography, and it’s about producing high quality moving images that showcase your company, product or service. A Commercial Videographer works in much the same way as a movie cinematographer, creating images that not only tell a story but stimulate an emotional response from the audience.

When you begin a project with Offing Media, we start by helping you establish your video’s purpose and what you hope to achieve. With these goals in mind, we assign a Commercial Videographer to the production, who will formulate a ‘look’ for the video.

Commercial Videographers are also known as DOP’s, or Directors of Photography. This is an accurate description, as DOP’s usual ‘direct’ a team of crew members, including lighting, grips, focus pullers and camera operators, all working together to create memorable video images. Our videographers use a range of tools and techniques to give your video that premium look, including:

• Motion (where the camera is moved using tracks, a crane or even a drone)
• Perspective (using a selection of lenses to soften background or enlarge details)
• Lighting (to create atmosphere or dramatic effects)
• Filters (to enhance colours or soften skin tones)

While this level of video production may sound expensive—it needn’t be. Through careful planning its possible to achieve high production values without blowing the budget. Technology such as drones and lightweight gimbals have made formerly complex shots much easier to capture. Cameras have become more light-sensitive, which reduces the size and scale of lighting required. Film crews have also become more adept and multi-skilled, which not only lowers costs but means a lot less workplace disruption during filming.

The ability of an experienced Commercial Videographer to add value to a video shoot should not be underestimated. When you are filming your company CEO or demonstrating products in close-up detail, you want to ensure they look as good as possible, as this is what your audience will see. At Offing Media, we have a pool of exceptionally talented professional videographers who deliver captivating video content—using skills gained by practising their craft every day.

So if you’re looking for commercial videography in Singapore, get in touch with the video professionals at Offing Media.


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