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E-Learning Video Singapore E-Learning opens up huge opportunities to educate and inform, allowing you to reach your students anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s banking or finance training videos, medical training videos or tertiary education courses at University level, make Offing Media your trusted partner in e-Learning video production. We will work with you to adapt your teaching material into a video-friendly format, incorporating motion graphics to explain concepts visually, interactive elements to keep your students engaged and high-quality images and sound to convey your information professionally. The benefits of e-learning: Worldwide access to your content Students can access e-learning at a time that suits them Deliver high quality, targeted learning to a specific audience Spend less time lecturing and more time facilitating learning  Better learning outcomes through compelling video  Interactive elements engage students and provide tutors with valuable feedback Why Choose Offing Media Successful e-learning videos combine the talents of two distinct skill-sets: teaching and video production. Educators are under increasing workloads, and it makes sense to partner with the video production companies such as Offing Media to ensure your end-product is effective, encouraging and most importantly, educational! Students, whether school-age or adult learners have high expectations regarding video quality, and a poorly made video could misinform students and reflect negatively on your institution. E-learning is not just for educational institutions. Large companies or organisations with a distributed workforce can benefit from e-learning videos for new employees, skills training, safety instructional videos and product familiarisation. Not only does e-learning deliver better educational results, but it’s also a more sustainable option that reduces the costs associated with owning or hiring training rooms and staff. Employee downtime is also reduced as they can access e-learning at their workplace at a pace that fits in with their work commitments. So give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your e-learning needs and tailor a solution that fits your time, budget and educational goals. PORTFOLIO  Ι  CLIENTS


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