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The demand for online delivery of training and education has never been higher. The current global situation is motivating corporates, educational providers and many larger companies to provide more significant online resources for their staff, student and clients.

E-learning video production companies like Offing Media can add value to your organisation’s e-learning platform by partnering with you to produce professional video content that delivers excellent learning outcomes.

We can help you create video content that’s compatible with the top LMS and eLearning platforms, including Articulate, Thinkific, Google Classroom and Coursera.

Have you got existing courses but don’t know how to turn them into eLearning content? We’ve successfully collaborated with many clients to develop online video courses that combine their subject knowledge with our expertise in video production, editing, graphics and animation.

Corporate Training Videos
Virtual staff training is likely to become the new normal as organisations strive to work efficiently in the current economic climate. We can help you develop e-learning tools to enable critical processes such as staff inductions and health and safety education. Support your customers too, with online how-to videos and product demonstrations.

Here are some of the ways our clients use online video training:
Subject Matter Expert Videos
Every company has specialists with unique knowledge. Short topic-based videos from these SME’s are a powerful way to upskill your workforce and tap into your company’s pool of expertise.

Site Induction Videos
Instead of tying up valuable staff, many of our clients now use video for new staff and visitor induction at industrial sites. Viewers watch the video and then complete a questionnaire to ensure they receive and understand the rules.

Live Streaming of Classes
Many universities and schools now provide live streaming of lectures, allowing students to remotely access presentations. Offing Media have been active in the live streaming space for many years—we have the equipment and experienced crew you need to stream your lectures and classes successfully. 

Multi-Camera Video Production
Whether it’s a town hall meeting or a panel discussion, live events offer excellent opportunities to capture valuable video material, if you’re ready for it. With our extensive
in-house inventory of broadcast cameras, sound and lighting equipment, we can offer multi-camera recording services for your next event. Once recorded, we can help you repackage this video content to suit your eLearning platform of choice.

We’re Your eLearning Video Specialists
We can offer significant cost benefits for clients seeking a partner for long-term e-learning video production. Talk to the team at Offing Media—we’ll discuss your needs, find the best solutions and help you produce outstanding e-Learning video content.            

E learning Video Production

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