How to Create an Effective Corporate Video

How to Create an Effective Corporate Video

 Corporate video production can help your business grow. Here in Singapore and across the world, the combination of visuals, words, and music convey your message more clearly, more impactfully, and more professionally than text alone.

So how can you create an effective corporate video for your own organization? Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Decide your intent before beginning production.

A corporate video with a clear mission, with something to say, is infinitely more meaningful than a rambling series of images, sounds, facts, and figures with no guiding message or reason for being. On a related note:

Don’t Bury the Lead

When you have intention behind your video, don’t hide it from your audience. Get right to the point, and let them know your message.

Be Brief

And once your message is clear, there’s no reason to extend the video. There’s no need for filler. There’s no reason to repeat yourself.

The shorter the video, the more impactful.

In video as in life, quality is more important than quantity.

Explain the Benefit to the Customer

Let’s make one thing clear: the potential customer won’t be watching your video to learn about you, they will be watching to learn how you might benefit them.

Make sure the viewer is in your mind at all stages of video production.

If you can be thinking about what they want, and how you can meet their needs, you’re sure to create dynamite content.

Show, Don’t Tell

This is the whole reason you’re creating a video, right? Because you know the power that visuals have.

Think about what visuals you want in your video, and what information they convey.

Then think about your focus, your video’s intent, and brainstorm what parts of your message can be explained through visuals.

The more you can say with your images instead of your words, the more effective your corporate video will be.

Hire a Professional

Anyone can make a video nowadays. The phone you carry in your pocket can not only record and edit video, but even add graphics, and share it with your community. More and more people are making videos for more and more uses.

Make sure yours stands out. You don’t want to look like just anybody, making a video on your phone.

And the best way to make a great video that stands out from the rest, is use all the technical, visual, and audio skills of a professional video production team.

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