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Testimonial Videos
When a potential customer reaches your website or social media page—how do you convince them to follow through and buy your product or service? Customer testimonial videos are a powerful way to build your credibility and authenticity. These personal video messages show the viewer that you are trustworthy, reliable and provide an excellent service. 
So why do they work so well? Testimonial Videos provide Social Proof.
What is ‘social proof’? When we see a product or service being endorsed by someone who’s opinion we respect, it reinforces our positive feelings about that product and provides us with social proof. As consumers, we use other people’s actions and behaviour as a guide when we make purchasing decisions. Seeing a happy client talk about your product and offering an independent view can motivate viewers into buyers.
Testimonial Video Production
Some testimonial videos use celebrities or experts to provide social proof, but even an endorsement from a satisfied customer is very influential. Offing Media have a long history in video production of testimonials for business, including:
• Corporate Testimonial Videos
Large organisations can use video testimonials both internally and externally. Options range from a simple video clip on your website, an online or broadcast TV commercial or an extensive case study. Staff testimonial videos are a fantastic tool for recruitment or when you’re inducting new employees.
• Retail Testimonial Videos
Product demonstrations not only showcase your product, but they also allow viewers to watch other people using and enjoying your product. Research has shown that customers care most about how a product will solve their problem, so hearing and seeing success stories is very useful as a marketing and sales technique. 
• Business Testimonial Videos
If you’re a small or medium-sized company, your marketing and advertising budget may not be large, so you depend more on word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. 
Capturing these recommendations in a concise video format can boost your company profile and provide valuable marketing content for your website or social media business pages. Video testimonials work particularly well for people-focused businesses: real estate agents, tradespeople and professionals such as lawyers and accountants.
What Makes a Good Testimonial Video?
We produce a lot of testimonial videos here at Offing Media; here are a few tips on how to make your videos successful:
• Keep the videos short and to the point
• Don’t over-rehearse the interview, let the subject talk naturally
• Make sure the video quality is professional.
Don’t underestimate the value of a high-quality video. If viewers are distracted by poor lighting or bad sound, they may stop watching or even worse—form a negative view of your company. A poorly made video is also a lost opportunity, as your subject might not be willing or comfortable to take part in a re-shoot. Get your testimonial video production done right the first time with the professional team at Offing Media.
There are many other benefits to including testimonials and other video content to your website. Research shows that users interact longer with sites that include video. 
Viewers find videos more personable and relatable.  They’re quite simply one of the best tools you can use to inject personality into your marketing message.

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