Top Trends in Corporate Video Production: What You Need to Know

Elevate your corporate video game with the latest production trends and techniques

The trends in video production keep evolving with the advancements in technology. Currently, we are experiencing a golden age of video production with a plethora of techniques available to produce impactful corporate videos. If you’re interested in knowing the latest video production trends in corporate marketing, here are some top trends that you might want to experiment with.

Utilize searchable videos to enable viewers to pinpoint specific content

Google’s latest AI is now equipped with intuitive capabilities to identify specific sections of videos, also known as “snippets,” that match users’ search queries. To help Google locate these content snippets in your videos, it’s recommended to include a human-created or automatically generated transcription alongside each video. Other strategies include bookmarking timestamped sections within longer videos and incorporating hashtagged keywords in your video descriptions, particularly on platforms like YouTube.

Long-form videos are ideal for storytelling or conveying complex information

It’s best to have a diverse range of video lengths and types in your library to cater to different audiences and achieve different objectives. For instance, you wouldn’t need the same video length to promote a holiday sale as you would to explain the intricacies of using a telescope to observe celestial objects in the solar system. Generally, it’s recommended to keep videos short due to the viewers’ limited attention span.

However, long-form videos still have a place in certain contexts, such as:

  • Introducing new products where detailed information about features and benefits is essential
  • Telling compelling stories that evoke an emotional response through customer testimonials
  • Delivering educational material for existing customers
  • Discussing complex subjects, such as finance or geography.

Experiment with interactive 360-degree videos

Interactive 360-degree videos have been commonly used in the real estate industry, but now it’s gradually gaining popularity in other sectors as well. As virtual reality is becoming increasingly prevalent, creating an immersive experience with videos has become highly desirable, especially among younger audiences. While this technology may not be suitable for beginners, it’s an avenue worth exploring if you’re looking to experiment and gain traction in your video-making endeavors.

Convey a sense of urgency through live streaming

If virtual reality isn’t your forte, you can still offer viewers a sense of immediacy by live-streaming events. In the corporate world, live streaming is effective for events such as new branch openings, unboxing of products , special events, contests, promotions, travel to consumer locations, and philanthropic content. However, with live streaming, you only have one opportunity to get everything right, so it requires more planning than scripted video content in many cases. It’s crucial to resolve technical issues beforehand to avoid embarrassing glitches and have a backup plan in case things don’t go according to plan.

Ensure your videos have the same impact even without sound

While we strongly advocate using high-quality audio, it’s important to note that a significant number of people watch videos without sound. They may come across your video as a suggestion on a YouTube feed or intentionally choose to watch it without sound to avoid distractions in quiet environments. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your videos still have the desired impact without sound. To achieve this, include captions, graphics, and subtitles whenever possible, and make your visuals visually engaging to compensate for the absence of sound.

Utilize cinemagraphs and comparable techniques when you have restricted access to live footage.

When creating a video, it’s not always possible to have access to live footage due to various constraints. In such situations, cinemagraphs and comparable techniques can be used to make your video visually compelling and engaging. For instance, a fashion brand could use cinemagraphs to showcase a product with subtle movements like a swaying dress or a fluttering scarf to add visual interest to their website or social media page. This technique can create a mesmerizing effect that can capture the viewer’s attention and increase their engagement with the content.

Integrate videos at every stage of the sales funnel

Are you limiting your use of videos to generate new leads only? Consider incorporating videos at every stage of the sales funnel. If your videos are effective in attracting prospects who are unfamiliar with your company, imagine how well they can work with those who have already subscribed to your content or are existing customers. As potential customers move further along in your funnel, they become more engaged and receptive to your messaging, making videos a valuable tool to direct them where you want. Using videos throughout the sales funnel not only helps in lead generation but also makes the customer journey more engaging and memorable than just relying on nurture emails.

Keep in mind that traditional how-to videos are still relevant

While corporate video production trends often prioritize innovative and advanced techniques, traditional how-to videos are still a valuable asset for corporate marketing. However, it’s important not to rely solely on this type of video content. How-to videos are perfect for demonstrating how to use a product, but they can also be effective in explaining the background and concepts behind a company’s founding or the scientific, data-driven, or sociological principles underlying a product or service’s development to establish industry authority. Incorporating a mix of video types in your marketing strategy is essential for a well-rounded approach.

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