Training Video Production 

High Quality, Affordable Videos

We believe that video has been a revelation in the way people are trained. Training videos enable an unlimited people to access the same information, no matter their location, time zone or general accessibility. Video can, in this way, truly open up whole worlds of industry and opportunity.

How Training Videos Can Save You Money

Video not only travels for you but allows your audience to view it time and time again which essentially saves your most important resource – time. Training is a million dollar industry, meaning that companies like yours are spending millions of dollars on training their employees every single year. When you consider that, approximately ninety percent on new skills are forgotten within the first year of learning them, it would be an understandable assumption that those millions of dollars spent on training are just money wasted.All is not lost, though. A carefully designed training video has the power to considerably increase results. 

Training videos, when done well, empower and motivate. Unlike training manuals, videos grab and hold the attention of your target audience, effectively conveying the information at hand. As videos continue to replace training manuals, we’re at the forefront, designing fantastic training videos to suit your specific needs.There are so many options available, from filming the entire training process or creating a full-length animation. Either way, we use illustrative shots throughout our training videos and make sure to high light any key points in a range of ways using graphics and animation.

Work with the leading training / eLearning video production company in Singapore

As one of the top training video production companies in Singapore we work with companies big and small, in producing customised content. For most of the companies budget is a key factor to consider when producing a training video and we are well aware of that. We have training video production packages that suits your requirements. Please send us an email and we will be happy to provide you customised quotation.

What Our Customers Say:

“The stroke team is grateful for the professional work rendered by Offing Media, despite the limited time allotted. It was a great experience for our medical team to be part of the film. Thank you for being patient on the video editing to come up with an effective video for healthcare training. Looking forward to future collaboration.” – Dr.Jasmyn De Leon, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

If you’re interested in producing a training video, or just want some advice, head on over to our contact us page and we’ll happily assist you.

Here are some suggestions for effective training videos:

  • Product Training Video
  • Product or Service Demonstration Video
  • Screencasts Video
  • New Employees Video (Induction or Health & Safety)
  • Compliance Video
  • Employee Training Video
  • HR / Recruitment Video