Video Marketing for Doctors

Marketing Video for Doctors

Healthcare Video Marketing

If you’re a medical expert video marketing can bring enormous benefits.

1) Video is easily sharable so you can reach a large audience of international patients who are looking for timely and accurate medical information.

2) Trust plays a big role when patients are looking for a doctor, and a video can provide them with the reassurance they need.

3) Videos can “humanise” doctors and surgeons. Patients are nervous of doctors and will be more likely to connect with you if you seem real, friendly and approachable.

4) Influence peers in your industry.

We can shoot videos in different locations and styles. The choice is up to you although we’ll be happy to advise.  For example, you can choose from:

• A tour of your practice.

• An interview on the topic/s of your choice, such as focusing on a procedure.

• A day-in-the-life profile.

• Expert commentary on medical news and developments.

• FAQ videos.

• Special announcements.

To find out how we can help you tell your story, contact us now.



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