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Video is taking over social media. Marketers around the world have noticed: articles and
statistics abound, confirming that video posts boost engagement dramatically.
Video production is also fairly accessible nowadays. You can record a video, add prebuilt
graphics, and publish it, all with just one tool: your phone. In fact, everyone is doing
it–personal phone-made videos are all over every platform of social media.
And that, precisely, is the problem.

When everyone is making videos, how do you make your videos stand out?
Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. While everyone else is making amateur videos with
their phone, if you want to make your social media videos stand out as professional,
high-quality, and worth watching, then you’re not going to make videos yourself, lazily, with a
phone. Instead, you’re going to hire a social media video agency.

Hiring professional video-makers can boost the quality and effectiveness of your social media
videos in a plethora of ways you might not even have thought about.
For one thing, having a complete film crew means you can do much more on shooting day.
Video productions are multi-faceted and complex, with many moving parts; you don’t want to
be restricted by simply not having enough people there to effectively craft the best possible

On a similar note, having a full film crew means a division of labour, and means that experts
can focus on their particular roles. The tasks involved in making a video are diverse. Being a
good video editor does not have much to do with being a good gaffer. And even a sound
person and a camera person have entirely different tasks ahead of them and knowledge
backing them up. With a professional social media video agency, you can rest assured that each individual
task is being handled by a proper expert.

And while technology has improved to the point where anyone can now make a simple video
on their phone, other video production technology has improved as well. The technology that
a video agency uses is vastly more capable than what you’d find in a phone or even a
dedicated but affordable camera. And not only the technology makes a difference, but the
talent behind it. In fact, the technology alone probably won’t improve the quality of your
video–higher-level technology without the knowledge and experience to use it will result in a
pretty poor video. But with a video agency, you get both the best quality technology and
experts who put that technology to its maximum potential.

Social Media Video Agency in Singapore

If you’re ready to explore what a social media video agency can do for you, contact Offing
Media now at [email protected].

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