What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer Video Singapore

Some products and services are self-explanatory—we understand how they work and their benefits to us. Technological innovation often creates new products that the consumer has never seen or used before. An explainer video is an effective way to demonstrate your innovative product and generate that ‘lightbulb’ moment, where a viewer understands your product and wants to buy it.

Explainer Videos are Sales Videos
Audiences can sometimes be resistant to ‘hard sell’ videos – they generally want to learn a bit more about a product before they make any purchase decisions. An explainer video provides genuinely useful information and a soft-sell approach that is more respectful of your target customers. Explainer videos can also incorporate a form of testimonial, where we see the product or service being used successfully by an example client. Endorsement from an end-user is a subtle but highly-effective marketing strategy.

Explainer Videos are Cost-Effective
Explainer videos often use simple animation and graphics to tell the story. They are a well-recognised format that appeals to viewers looking for a quick explanation about your company and what it offers. Offing Media recently produced this explainer video for SpherePay which incorporates live-action and animation. The combination of on-location filming with simple graphics allowed us to demonstrate how their payment system works.

Explainer Videos are perfect for Social Media
Short animated explainer videos are the perfect content for social media. Unlike live-action footage, we can easily resize graphics for square or vertical formats. Using bold colours and visual effects can help your video stand out in the newsfeed. Using the same visual graphics, we can even produce short teaser videos. With a compelling call to action, these short looping videos are highly clickable and can drive traffic to your website or online store.

We Create Custom Explainer Videos
A video production house based in Singapore, Offing Media produces unique content for our clients, with videos that align with your brand. Many online platforms allow you to create DIY explainer or whiteboard videos. While this approach might seem cost-effective, your video could end up looking very generic and uninspiring and reflect poorly on your company’s image.

Offing Media create custom explainer videos that will meet your standards for high-quality corporate video production. Unlike online platforms that charge a high monthly fee and expect you to do all the work – we are a full-service video production facility with all the resources and experience to deliver you a superior explainer video at a great price.



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