Why Every Business Needs a Corporate Video

In today’s marketplace, every business needs a corporate video. It not only adds professionalism to your brand, but helps communicate with potential customers, with personality, clarity, and impact.


Whereas once, a corporate video was a luxury, now—in an era of easy, nonstop access to high-quality media—adding video to your branding cannot be skipped.
A video alone no longer necessarily makes a business stand out—but a lack of video will. Video has become universal. When video is everywhere, when every other business has one: if your business does not, customers will wonder why.

corporate video conveys professionalism and creates trust. Especially a well-crafted video, like you will get from Offing Media. While video is everywhere, quality video is not; we can help make your corporate video stand out.

Conveys Information – Effortlessly and Impactfully

Even the most complex concepts can be effortlessly conveyed through video’s unique, powerful combination of sight and sound. The Trakomatic video above is a good example of this.

While the concept of their business could be conveyed in text (bringing digital data to real-world spaces), the reader would be left with a vague notion of the intent, limited understanding of the uses, and only a fleeting impression of the company. By using video, Trakomatic is much more impactful. Voice-over can impart the same large ideas as a text paragraph, but the audience is also seeing—simultaneously—examples of what the business offers in action, and examples of its usefulness, in elegant, effortless, easily understood visuals. Studies show that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and that visual information is retained four times as much as text information. In other words: a video not helps potential customers understand your business better, but remember it, too.


A corporate video helps attach human faces to your business. It helps the public see you not as an abstract entity, but as a collection of real people.
This adds trust and authenticity to your brand. People tend to do business with people they know and like—and a corporate video can help start that relationship.

How can we help

Offing Media is a leading corporate video production company in Singapore. We can help you put a personal, impactful, professional face on your brand. Email us at info@offingmedia.com now.


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