10 Reasons why video is an effective marketing tool

Creating Marketing Video that sells

In recent times, video has proven to be a useful tool for brands to shape up their business, and this is because videos have a special way of connecting to people. When it comes to marketing, the power of using video cannot be overemphasized. If you are not using video as a marketing tool already, here are the top 10 reasons why you should.

1. Mobile users love videos
More than 90% of customers use their mobile devices to watch videos, and records show that mobile video consumption increases every year by roughly 233%, so if you want more people to see what your business has to offer, you can’t ignore mobile users who happen to love watching videos.

2. Many buyers will choose video over reading
As far as marketing is concerned, visuals win over mere reading. If there is a video explanation of how something works, why should anyone choose reading over it? You can now see why video consumption is rapidly increasing.

3. Video is so engaging
Unlike reading, where engagement is limited and can be easily withdrawn, videos are more connective. The sound and visuals, which are absent in ordinary posts will make your client more interested in what you have to say.

4. You will make more sales
You’re in business for money, so any method that can increase profit should be employed immediately. Videos, as marketing tools, have been proven to convert more than 80% of viewers to buyers.

5. Videos help customers to trust you
Most people are unsure about making a purchase or subscribing to a new service, hence they search for a reason to trust a brand before buying. An explanatory video can clear all their doubts and build enough trust for your brand, this is because videos naturally ignite emotions.

6. Having video content is good for SEO
Search engines like Google will let your site show up first when you have video content, reason is because videos make people spend more time on your site and to Google, that means you have valuable content.

7. Anyone can understand an explanatory video
There are people who are not so good at reading, while others are just simply too lazy to read, either way, you’ll connect with them as effectively as you would connect with those who are highly educated. Using simple terms will make things even easier.

8. Social media encourages video marketing
Knowing how well video aids conversions, top social media platforms have added special features which enable users to view, engage and share videos easily. You can also make video ads for friendly prices.

9. A video will drive more traffic to your website
If your website has been low on traffic, embed videos and keep updating it.

10. Videos are no longer hard to make
You can easily get a video production company to make you affordable and high-quality videos for your marketing needs.



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