Corporate Video Making in Singapore

With videography more accessible than ever, a great corporate video is more vital to a Singapore business now than ever before. To this end, Offing Media is a Singapore-based video production company experienced in corporate videos.

What is our process?

Here is some of the workflow we might go through to create the best possible corporate video.


This step comes even before planning and pre-production. Before working out how to make a corporate video, we must determine what precisely should be made. Are customers in your industry more swayed by client testimonials, or by explainer videos? Are they more attracted to animation, or to realism? Researching the market early in the process enables us to focus our work toward building a maximally effective corporate video for you.


Once all the data is in and processed, it’s time to decide what precise message we want to convey. This is arguably the most important step for any corporate video. No amount of fancy cinematography or Oscar-worthy editing will save a video that doesn’t have something to say. And so, in this step, you and we talk about your company, about what makes your business stand out and how it helps people; then we take all the aspects of what your business means, and boil it down to one focused, effective, impactful message for your corporate video, and use that as our watchword through everything else we do.


Following the crafting of your message, we turn that message into a story. Nothing makes a greater impact on a human being than a meaningful story. And even if your corporate video will be interview-based, we can come up with a structure by writing a script of questions to ask. Naturally, this structure will be invaluable in making all aspects of production cohere to tell your most important message. Video Production In this stage, Offing Media’s team of professional videographers brings the experience, technical knowledge, and artistry to make you a beautiful, powerful, effective corporate video right here in Singapore.

Editing & Delivery

Last but not least, our experienced editors bring all the pieces together, topping things off with elegant, cohesive graphics and soundtrack, to deliver your perfect video in all required formats.

Ready to get started?

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