What Makes a Good Marketing Video Great?

Creative Marketing Video Production

It’s a fact of business—you need to spend money to make money. Whether its buying quality raw materials or building a new factory, you can’t avoid this cost. A good business is one that spends just enough to ensure their continued success.

Marketing is essential to any business, but often the link between cost and benefit is hard to quantify.

A good marketing video has the potential to raise your company profile, introduce your product and attract more customers. But what makes a good marketing video great? A great marketing video punches well above its weight, and delivers on four crucial points:

1. It captures the largest possible target audience
2. It answers the audience ‘need’
3. It motivates them to act
4. It’s cost-effective

Hollywood, the ultimate marketing machine, offers good insight toward this final point. Some big budget blockbusters, despite all the marketing hoopla, fail to connect with their audience. Meanwhile, a low-budget independent movie can become a viral sensation. In the same way, a corporate marketing video or product video needn’t be expensive—a well executed video-based marketing strategy has the potential to pay back handsomely.

So what are the elements that make a great marketing video? There’s no guaranteed formula for success but knowing your market and planning your strategy are key components in whether it works or not. Before you even get started on video production, you need to know your audience, what their needs are, where they ‘hang out’ and what is important to them.

A standalone video won’t cut it these days, you need a unified approach that includes social media, promotional events, sponsorship and traditional advertising.

Capturing the largest possible target audience means you’re after quality, not quantity. It can be expensive to reach out to a broad, general audience but if you know your target group or ‘tribe’, you can connect with them through specialised channels such as online forums, Facebook pages or hobby groups.

Marketing videos can fail when they’re all about ‘the product’ and its features, instead of focusing on “What can this product can do for me?”. A video about a product or service that solves a problem is a highly ‘shareable’ video, the rest is just advertising and often quickly dismissed by the audience.

Great marketing videos are ‘frictionless’, they move quickly from problem and solution to a call to action. The ability for consumers to act on your marketing video depends on your chosen platform—Facebook and Instagram now provide tools and buttons that allow customers to make direct purchasing decisions.

Offing Media can help you with the creative development of your marketing video projects as well as the video production and distribution through social media channels. We pride ourselves on delivering low-cost corporate video solutions that deliver results.


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