Client Testimonial Video


A client testimonial video can relate and connect with a customer. It’s a handy tool to attract new customers. If you are planning to produce a customer video here are some crucial points you should consider.

Customer Selection
You should select a customer who is relatable and tells a story of his success supported by your product or service. The story should be inspiring and encouraging others to follow.

Prepare and Outline
It may not be advisable to record a scripted testimonial, but you should consider having a clear outline before you go for the filming. You can discuss the outline with the client to make sure he is focusing on the relevant aspect of your product or service, which will help you in marketing it.

Film Broll
The video shouldn’t be just interviews. You should also film enough Brolls so the audience will get a feeling of your company and the service it provides.

Explain Your Product or Service
You should make sure the viewers get a better understanding of your product through the video. Your client may mention some of the features or advantage of that in his testimonial. Your video editor can use some visuals or images of the product throughout the video to reinforce the brand.

How long the video should be?
Keep it short. It may not help if you convey too many information through a video. Most of the viewers will forget it anyway. Stick to a few, important details and convey it clearly to the audience. It should be a short, sweet vide.

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