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So you’ve decided to make a corporate video. You know what you want to say, you have an idea of what the finished video will look like, and how it will help your brand. Now you just have to make it–and you can’t make it alone!

Videos are complex projects, requiring a variety of skills, and many helping hands. Your finished corporate video will only be as strong as the video crew that makes it! Here are a few of the roles you need to fill when making your video.

Corporate Video Director
“Director” is a job that everyone has heard of, but not everyone understands. So what is a director? In short, a director is responsible for the overall vision of the video–they are in the captain’s chair, deciding where the ship goes and what it does, even if individual crewmembers actually carry out those commands.

A video director’s role is equivalent to a symphony conductor’s. Which Aaron Sorkin famously summed up as: the orchestra plays the instruments, but the conductor plays the orchestra.

Similarly, the rest of your crew will have specific, vital jobs–and the director’s job is to make sure those individual tasks work together cohesively.

Corporate Video Videographer ( Director of Photography)
The director of photography is responsible for the image–in other words, they are responsible for camera placement, lens choice, lighting, and much more.

Depending on the size of your corporate video production crew, you might also have a Camera Operator, who physically works the camera, under the supervision of the director of photography; but if your crew is smaller, the director of photography will operate the camera themselves.

Corporate Video Sound Person
While the director of photography is in charge of the most popular part of your corporate video–namely, the image–an entire half of the content falls under the purview of someone else–namely, the sound. Your sound person is not to be undervalued. Don’t forget that they are responsible for a full 50% of your video. They are usually armed with headphones, microphones, and a boom pole for getting the mic as close to the subject as possible.

Corporate Video Editor
Even once you’ve captured beautiful images and crisp, clear audio, telling an impactful story, you still don’t have a video. This is where the editor comes in. The editor takes all of your raw materials and puts them together to form, at last, your finished video.

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