Corporate Video Production Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

As each year passes, the landscape of corporate video production undergoes significant changes, with new and exciting trends emerging that shape how businesses approach video content. In this article, we’ll explore the latest and most popular trends in the industry.

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Short-Form Videos that Pack a Punch

Short-form videos are an effective way to grab the attention of viewers and convey your business message concisely, considering the short attention spans of modern audiences. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are ideal platforms for short-form videos, which typically range from 15 to 90 seconds. Therefore, it’s crucial to communicate your message effectively within a short span of time.

Salesforce has successfully utilized this strategy with their “Customer Success” series, featuring interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their journeys and challenges. These videos offer an inspiring and relatable perspective on entrepreneurship, demonstrating the potential of short-form videos to tell compelling stories and establish emotional connections with your audience.

Harness the Power of Storytelling : Engaging Audience with Compelling Narratives

Storytelling is a compelling way to engage audiences and distinguish your brand from competitors. By incorporating storytelling into corporate videos, businesses can create a deeper connection with their audience and convey their brand’s message on an emotional level. After all, who doesn’t love a good story? Utilizing storytelling in your marketing efforts can help you stand out and connect with your target market in a more meaningful way.

Animation and Motion Graphics in Video Marketing: Enhancing Visual Appeal and Engagement

Animation and motion graphics are valuable assets in corporate video production, particularly for simplifying complex concepts or data in a visually appealing manner. Slack, a leading software company, effectively leverages animation to demonstrate how their platform works. Their video, “What Is Slack?”, utilizes animation and a playful tone to communicate the benefits of using Slack to enhance team communication and productivity. This is an excellent example of how animation and motion graphics can be used to create engaging and informative corporate videos.

Authenticity and Transparency in Corporate Videos: Building Trust with Your Audience

Corporate videos that highlight authenticity and transparency are increasingly popular as companies strive to build trust with their audience in the digital age. Providing a glimpse into the company’s culture, values, and inner workings through videos is an effective way to establish credibility and foster strong relationships with customers. This trend is gaining momentum as more and more companies recognize the importance of transparency in building a loyal customer base.

Harnessing the Power of Live-Streaming in Corporate Video Production

The demand for live video content continues to grow beyond the pandemic, indicating a preference for real-time engagement with audiences. Compared to pre-recorded videos, live videos have a much higher engagement rate, with Facebook users watching live videos three times longer and generating six times more interactions.

Businesses can leverage live-streaming to connect with their audience in real-time, answer questions, and provide valuable insights. This allows for a more personalized and interactive approach to corporate video production, fostering deeper connections with customers and driving engagement.

User-Generated Content (UGC) in Corporate Video Production

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to build trust in your brand and complement your more branded video campaigns. TikTok, a popular social media platform, views the buying process as an infinite loop where the buyer journey doesn’t stop with a purchase but loops back on itself through user-generated content. One in four TikTok users share a post about their new purchase, and one in five create tutorial videos, demonstrating the impact of UGC in driving engagement and promoting products. Incorporating UGC into your corporate video production can enhance brand awareness, increase engagement, and foster a sense of community with your audience.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Content: Connecting with Your Audience on a Personal Level

As humans, we have a natural curiosity about real people doing real things, as evidenced by our fascination with behind-the-scenes content. This stems from our desire for authenticity in the brands we support, as well as the DIY and crafting trends that emerged during the pandemic. Watching people as they go about their daily lives and pursue their passions has become increasingly popular among audiences.

Incorporating behind-the-scenes content into your corporate video production provides viewers with an insider’s perspective on your brand, including your pursuits, challenges, and culture. Outtakes, bloopers, and extra footage that didn’t make the final cut are excellent ways to give your audience an exclusive peek behind the curtain, establishing a sense of authenticity and fostering deeper relationships with customers.

Enhance Your Corporate Video Production with Accessible Creative Elements.

Accessibility in corporate video production is gaining recognition as a critical aspect of creating inclusive and engaging content. Rather than being a mere trend, it is an ongoing effort to improve and evolve in this area.

The goal of accessibility in video marketing is to ensure that everyone, including those with disabilities, can enjoy and engage with video content. This is achieved through elements such as transcriptions, thoughtful color use, and audio descriptions that improve user experience and understanding of the content.

Captioning is a prime example of an accessibility feature that benefits not only individuals with hearing impairments but also anyone who wants to watch videos without sound, such as in a public place or at work. It can also aid those who speak different languages in understanding the content better.

In summary, accessibility in video marketing is crucial to ensure everyone has the same access to information and entertainment. It’s not merely a checkbox but a commitment to creating inclusive and engaging content for all audiences.

Video SEO: Maximizing Your Visibility and Reach

Optimizing your website pages for search engines is common practice, but did you know that you should also optimize your video content? Video SEO is a vital component of corporate video production that can increase visibility and reach. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases into your video’s title, description, and tags, you can improve the chances of your video appearing in search results when people search for those specific keywords.

Including a transcript of your video not only makes it more accessible to those with hearing impairments but also helps with search engine optimization. Transcripts enable search engines to crawl and index the text, enhancing your video’s searchability.

However, search engine optimization is not solely about keywords. You must also produce high-quality video content that captures your audience’s attention and engagement. The longer people watch your video, the higher search engines will rank it as high-quality content, resulting in higher rankings in search results.

By using relevant keywords, including transcripts, and creating high-quality content, businesses can increase their chances of having their corporate video content discovered and watched by their target audience. Video SEO is a crucial tool for maximizing the visibility and impact of your video content.

Maximizing Your Reach with Connected TV Ads

Popular platforms such as Netflix, Hulu,  Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime offer viewers the ability to watch content on their CTV devices, providing marketers with a unique opportunity to reach a highly-engaged audience on the big screen.

These platforms collect audience insights and data to improve their algorithms, giving marketers access to valuable information that can be used for targeted advertising. This data enables marketers to create personalized content that aligns with the audience’s interests and preferences, reaching a highly-targeted audience with tailored ads while they watch TV series.

Marketers can use sequential advertising to guide viewers further down the marketing funnel, encouraging them to take desired actions such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. If you haven’t explored the possibilities of CTV advertising, now is the time to start. The abundance of data available and the ability to deliver highly-personalized content make CTV advertising a marketer’s dream.

However, ensure that your content remains relevant, engaging, and aligned with your overall marketing strategy to maximize the impact of CTV advertising.

Corporate video production has evolved significantly in recent years, with several exciting trends shaping the way businesses approach this critical form of marketing in 2023. These trends have helped businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, establish emotional connections with their audiences, and build trust and credibility.

As video continues to play an essential role in business communication, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. By embracing these trends, businesses can produce high-quality video content that captures their audience’s attention, improves engagement, and enhances their overall marketing strategy.


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