Interior Design Video Production

Video is a powerful tool for promoting interior design. If you have interior design to showcase, consider video production for your next promotional project. The reason for this is that video has some powerful advantages over images, particularly for interior design. Let’s go through some of them.

For one thing, you have movement. A photograph can showcase the beauty of a space. But to convey the full feeling of moving through a space, you need video.

Movement not only catches the audience’s eye and sustains their attention, but it actually conveys much more information, with no extra work on the part of the viewer. They can get a much more complete sense of the space and of the design, and even feel what it’s like to really be there.

Another advantage of video is your soundtrack. Your promotional material isn’t just about conveying facts and figures–you’re also attempting to give potential customers a feeling, a powerful emotional reaction to your designs. With a still image, you can use composition and lighting to try to evoke a certain feeling in your audience. But with video, you have all those same tools, plus movement, plus music. Andaddingmusictoyourmovingimagescanaffect your viewer’s emotions like nothing else. The proper soundtrack is incredibly impactful–and so is an improper soundtrack, so if you do decide to produce a video, take your time picking the music. Don’t underestimate the effect this tool can have on the overall feel of your video.

Music isn’t the only auditory tool of a well-made video–you also have narration and dialogue. Sometimes, there are important aspects of your design that you want to talk about with your audience. If you were showcasing your design with images, then any explanations would have to be contained in captions–which you would then merely hope the audience read. But with video, narration accompanies your images. Which is not just more efficient, but more meaningful: if you time your video editing properly, the words can support the images, and the images can support the words, conveying information, a sense of space, and emotion all at once.

And those words don’t have to be merely informative narration. You can also use dialogue to show how a space or design affects the people within it, by interviewing the people who use the space. These first-hand accounts can be immensely effective at giving your audience the right impression of your interior design.

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