What are the Powerful Benefits of Video Streaming?

Live video streaming from your conference, launch or VIP event is a powerful way to share your content across the globe. Video live streams add a dimension of excitement not always found in pre-recorded media. And while video streaming is a feature of Facebook, Periscope and other mobile and desktop applications, they often lack important technical features, such as perfect sound and camera positioning that separates professional video streaming from shaky handheld mobile device footage.

Professional video streaming joins you and your audience immediately. Fibre speeds matched with first-class video compression mean almost no lag between audio and video. The old days of your speaker talking out of sync have long gone. Across Singapore, video streaming is a tool used by companies and organisations to reach audiences with great effect. The same can now be said for transcontinental video streaming. Video streaming with a professional package transforms the viewing experience.

Live streaming content adds the power and impact that delayed message just don’t have. If your CEO is talking directly to staff, the impact of a live-streamed event, that draws staff together across the globe, can’t be overstated. There is an urgency and immediacy in having top management talking directly to you! 

Live streamed events can be password protected, viewed on mobile devices, recorded and stored for the future as well. Live streaming is event-orientated which is great for product launches, news announcements, VIP events, celebrations and global gatherings of all kinds. 

Having a live-stream of an event creates energy on social media as viewers respond in real time to what they are witnessing. Link your live stream event to an exciting product roll-out and watch the impact  live video creates. Live streaming, done very well is the perfect twin to social media and is a way to open your message to new markets. Whilst it is possible to charge for viewing content, live streaming without charge is a gateway opportunity to share the impact of your business event on a massive scale.

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