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Video making is more important now than ever before. It is also easier now than ever before. Putting those two facts together, at first glance, you might think, What great news, video is important, but video is easy, that will make my job simple! –But actually, the opposite is true. With video easier now than ever before, it means that it’s harder than ever to stand out with your videos–and since video making is now so important, standing out is imperative.

In which case, what is a marketing expert to do? The key is professional video making.
Here are a few keys to making your video professional and stand-out. 

Prioritize Audio

It’s a little ironic: on the one hand, when a typical viewer is thinking of the most impressive moments they’ve seen in video or cinema, what the viewer thinks of is usually a visual, not the audio. And yet, the element that, if done poorly, looks the most unprofessional and stands out (negatively) the most to a typical viewer, is audio. It is vital that you don’t mess up your audio.

A viewer can forgive lackluster cinematography. A viewer won’t mind too much if your editing lacks finesse.

But if your audio is of poor quality, the audience will notice. Although good audio quality doesn’t stand out, it is taken as a given by the audience, and when the quality is not good, this screams unprofessional.

If you have time to get only one aspect of your video perfect, make it the audio. This will make a huge difference in the perceived professionalism of your video.


Making video is a multifaceted project. It requires a lot of people doing a multitude of diverse tasks. Without a plan, you can easily wind up missing one of those important tasks–or messing up the way the tasks fit together, either causing huge delays on the day of the shoot, or simply creating a mismatched, unfocused, unprofessional product.

Therefore, to not only streamline the production, but safeguard the quality of the product, make sure you have a production plan in place before video-making begins.

Tell a Story

A big difference between professional and unprofessional videos is intent. An unprofessional video might convey a variety of information, but with no real structure or throughline, which makes it confusing and uninteresting. But a professional video has focus: it has a story to tell, and it tells it well, engaging the audience, and clearly conveying your most important message.

Hire Professionals

What’s the very simplest way to ensure that the video you make looks professional? Hire professionals to make it! Offing Media has a team of professional video makers ready to help you tell your story. Contact us now at info@offingmedia.com.

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