Professional Video Recording – Tips for Making a Company Profile Video

Professional Video Recording – Tips for Making a Company Profile Video

More and more, video is becoming the dominant content type online. We already know visuals can convey information more efficiently and impactfully than words alone—and video allows you to combine both visuals and words into a powerful marketing tool. Here are 5 tips for making your first company profile video.

1. Prioritize Audio
On the one hand, you might be thinking to yourself, “But video is a visual medium—that’s the whole reason I’m making a video! To add visual interest!” And that’s true, video is visual. But it’s auditory too. And, moreover, the visuals are the part we can forgive. If your company profile video doesn’t have Oscar-worthy lighting, no one will mind. But poor audio quality stands out as unprofessional and even lazy.
These days, even smartphones can capture crisp, 4K video—and even add special effects. But capturing high-quality audio takes some extra effort.
So if you only do one thing to ensure that your video stands out from the crowd and exudes professionalism: prioritize the quality of your audio.

2. Be Human
Part of the advantage of video is that it personalizes your brand. Potential customers see more than simply the cold facts of text—they can actually see you, and all of the people
behind the scenes! This will help build a relationship between your company and potential customers—and help build trust. So make sure to show some human faces in your video.
Not only that, include some human stories. Make the content personal. Help the audience see not just your brand, but the people behind it.

3. Be Intentional with Music
A video’s soundtrack is one of its most powerful tools for affecting emotion. For this reason, you want to be intentional and careful with your choice. Changing this one aspect of a video can have a massive effect on its impact. So think about the impact you want to leave, and seek out music that complements it. And don’t compromise: no matter how focused and powerful the other components of your video are, if the music is wrong, it’s going to be very difficult to make the audience feel what you want them to feel.

4. Focus on How Your Company Can Help the Viewer
The best way to make a customer like you is to help them. Ultimately, they aren’t watching your video out of interest in your company—they’re watching out of self-interest, trying to find out whether you can help them. So make sure you tell them you can. Think about what problems your potential customers might have, and why your company is the perfect solution. If, in the end, your company profile video is more about the customer than about the company, the video is sure to succeed.

5. Plan
Video production is hard work, with innumerable moving pieces. There are too many people involved, and too many technical considerations to simply improvise. The best strategy, then, is to make sure you have a plan for your production.

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