Why Do You Need Social Media Video Production?

If you’re looking to increase your brand’s online and real-world presence, you need social media video production. No other marketing strategy today offers as much value per cost, as broad a reach, or engagement as powerful. This is a step past simply having a social media presence.

To make that presence effective, the best thing you can do is add social media video production. Videos have become the most popular, sought, and shared content type on all social media platforms–from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, studies consistently show that video dramatically outperforms all other content. (Even emails are more likely to be opened if “video” is in the subject line.)

But why go with professional social media video production?

Since anyone can make a video nowadays, using just their phone, what is the advantage of going with professionals, as opposed to making simple videos yourself? There are several key factors. First off, as previously stated, anyone can make a video these days, even simply using their phone. As the internet is more and more inundated with video, it is more and more important to stand out. But standing out isn’t as hard when you go the professional route.

Professional social media video production immediately gives your video a more polished look, a cleaner sound, and is overall more attractive and trustworthy than the vast majority of videos your audience will scroll through. Additionally, social media video experts can help you optimize your video for each individual platform. What succeeds on Facebook may not be quite right for Instagram. With professional social media video producers, a thorough game plan can be crafted, to ensure that your intended audiences are seeing the optimal version of your content.

There are other differences between perfecting a precise, engaging, converting social media video, and simply making a silly video on your phone. Professional video producers can help you translate your message into a meaningful story, can focus that story and hone it down into the optimal time frame for a social media video. They can ensure that your video is more than just another post; that it is more than just “nice”–that it is effective .

If you’re thinking about incorporating social media video production into your own marketing campaign, get in touch with Offing Media at [email protected] to explore what professional video production might do for you. We’re video production experts with knowledge, experience, and passion, who make high quality videos at affordable prices. We look forward to hearing from you!


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