Video Production

Wondering why video production is such a hot marketing tool?

A number of studies point to the effective reach of videos in marketing your business. Organisations leveraging videos grow faster, around 49% than those companies not using it. A corporate video can tell your clients about your organisational culture,  the history of your company and how it’s contributing to the community. A recruitment video will help you attract the best talents while a customer testimonial video will instil confidence in customers when they make a purchasing decision. It’s not just advertising and marketing videos that can sell.

The attention span of viewers is getting shorter and shorter. Product brochures are becoming a thing of the past. A recent study shows that a whopping 80% of the customers would prefer to watch a video tutorial than read a product manual. That’s a number you can hardly ignore. Google is our first stop to get a piece of product information but Youtube is the second most popular search engine. Customers want to see the product in detail before buying it. The video you post on Youtube or other social media platforms will also help you to rank well on Google. According to Forrester Research video increases the chance of a first page Google ranking significantly – around 53 times compared to non-video content.

Offing Media is an award-winning, reputable video production company in Singapore. We serve clients from various industries. We have rich experience in creating e-learning content for leading banks and financial institutions, amazing 2D and 3D animations for pharmaceutical companies, recruiting videos for the insurance sector, health and safety videos for major organisations, and advertising and marketing videos for F&B companies and many more. And yes, we produce videos cost-effectively so we won’t be burning your marketing budget.

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