10 Reasons Why Safety Videos Are Good For Business

Safety Video Making Singapore

In the world of corporate video production, industrial safety videos are often the poor, neglected country cousin. They’re viewed as an inconvenient but necessary expense. But a well-produced safety video that meets its objectives is actually a huge potential cost-saver for the business and can even generate income.

Here at Offing Media, we love safety videos and we’ve assembled 10 reasons why you should too!

1. Protection for your staff & customers
Whether its an internal staff video that demonstrates safe practises or a customer-facing product safety video, a well-delivered safety message can avoid injuries and even save lives. No other corporate video can really make this claim so Safety Videos should be top of any companies video to-do list.

2. A cost-effective solution
Safety videos needn’t cost a lot to produce as they’re usually filmed with company supplied talent and locations. Professional talent can add some polish to the video but don’t underestimate the power in using recognisable company employees to reinforce your message.

3. They reduce training expenses
During live training, important information can often be missed or overlooked and there are limits to how many staff can be trained at the same time. A safety video can reach all your staff simultaneously for very little cost, ensuring everyone gets the same, consistent safety advice.

4. Flexibility
Your audience can watch your safety video when it suits them, pause and rewind to gain a better understanding of key points and even select options such as sub-titles or alternative language narration.

5. Easy to distribute
Video is highly portable and easy to distribute on company intranets, video sharing platforms and giveaway DVDs.

6. They still sell your product
Imagine a clever product video that demonstrates the safety features of your product in a novel and entertaining fashion. By promoting safety first, you can subtly market your product without subjecting potential customers to hard-sell tactics. For example, a video that shows the right and wrong way to use an aluminium ladder can promote product features whilst emphasising safety.

7. Safety videos are training videos 
For most industrial processes, there is generally one recommended, safe way to carry out the task required; for this reason, your safety video is effectively an industrial training video as well—so it serves two functions within your company.

8. Valuable Archive
Safety and training videos can be easily archived for future reference. Storing this information may prove to be highly valuable, securing company knowledge that may otherwise be lost when knowledgeable staff retire or leave the organisation.

9. Safety is Socially Responsible
Good corporate social responsibility is a significant factor in business success these days; companies that look after their workers and community are being rewarded with more brand awareness and customer satisfaction. So it pays to maintain an up-to-date safety awareness programme and video is the most effective way to deliver this content.

10. Avoid costly mistakes
A well-timed training or safety video can help your organisation avoid costly manufacturing errors or even serious workplace accidents. Often the process of scriptwriting and filming of training and safety videos will highlight issues or shortcomings in company processes, so a video can prove its worth even before the final product is released!


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