Construction Safety Video

Construction sites are not only hazardous but also risky. That is why it is important to make sure your employees are informed and trained about the safety measures that need to be taken before they get on site.

Construction safety is a top priority for many companies.  There are many risks that need to be addressed and prevented.

Offing Media specializes in construction safety video production for companies who want to make sure their employees are trained on how to stay safe on the job site. Offing Media has produced over 100 safety videos for companies in Singapore and abroad. Some of the topics we have covered are:-

How to Protect Yourself Against Fall Hazards

How to Protect Yourself Against Electrical Hazards

How to Prevent a Chemical Incident on the Job Site

How to Prevent a Mechanical Incident on the Job Site

How to Safely Use Overhead Cranes

How to Safely Use Front-end Loaders

How to Safely Use Forklifts

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy

How to Be Safe With Sawing Machines

How To Protect Yourself from Falling Objects

How to Protect Against General Office Hazards

A safety training video can help you do just that. It will provide all the information they need to know and more importantly, it will make sure that they retain the information better than what a manual would do.

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. It is important for the workers to be trained on safety practices and procedures. In order to ensure that this is done, companies need to produce safety training videos.

Offing Media is a video production company in Singapore that specializes in producing construction safety videos for various companies. Contact us our friendly safety video production team now,


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