Boosting Conversions and Sales with Corporate Videos

Amplify Conversions and Revenue through Corporate Videos

You might be well aware that video has emerged as a powerful instrument for marketing and promoting your offerings. It enables you to convey your message effectively and captivates audiences effortlessly. Moreover, viewers find pleasure in watching and sharing video content.

As per  2023 Video Marketing Insights, a staggering 87% of marketers concur that video marketing has boosted their sales, while 89% of consumers report that a video has persuaded them to make a purchase.

The data is quite revealing. Now, the real query is… how can YOU leverage video to drive more sales in 2023?

Let’s explore further…

Top Strategies for Amplifying Sales Using Video in 2023

Define Your Objective:

It might seem self-evident, but it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the goal you aim to achieve with your video to truly enhance sales. Naturally, the primary objective is likely to be increasing sales. However, you might have other objectives surrounding that, such as boosting brand recognition, educating existing clients, attracting new customers, and more.

For instance, Nike – a global leader in sportswear and athletic footwear, consistently uses video marketing to drive sales and engage with their audience. One of their notable campaigns was the “Dream Crazy” ad in 2018, featuring Colin Kaepernick and other star athletes. The video, which encouraged viewers to chase their dreams regardless of the obstacles, generated substantial engagement and conversation on social media. Following the campaign, Nike’s sales surged, and the company’s market value increased by $6 billion. A powerful and inspiring video campaign can create meaningful engagement and drive sales, as demonstrated by Nike’s “Dream Crazy” ad.

As pioneers in the video creation arena, we’ve interacted with various clients across diverse industries, and sometimes, brands struggle to pinpoint one specific goal for a video. This can pose a problem, particularly if you need to target multiple audiences or convey different value propositions. With video, it’s best to keep the content concise and focused. Attempting to do or say too much may cause viewers to disengage due to boredom or perceived irrelevance of the video content.

Leverage Emotions:

Psychological research on consumer behaviour reveals that shoppers often make non-rational purchasing decisions. The decision-making process typically involves three stages.

Stage 1 marks the beginning, as consumers form overall impressions about a brand, product, or service.

Stage 2 is where motivations and needs come into play. Most consumers would probably assume that their decision-making process ends here. They ask themselves, “Do I want this? Do I need this?”

However, there’s a 3rd stage, which pertains to the anticipated emotional benefits of owning and using the particular product or service. Consumers consider questions like, “How will this make me feel? How will it improve my life?”

This crucial step often leads consumers to choose one option over another when making a purchase. So, if you’re looking to boost sales, it’s essential to consider emotional marketing. Emotional marketing refers to content that appeals to customers and prospects by evoking emotions, ultimately triggering a desired behavior or action. In this case, the desired action is making a purchase from your brand to increase sales. Emotional marketing, particularly in the realm of video marketing, is not a new strategy. It has been employed for decades to capture viewers’ attention and remain memorable.

Creating video content that emphasizes the emotional connection between consumers and products can strengthen brand loyalty and drive sales, as demonstrated by Apple’s marketing campaigns. Apple, known for its innovative products and captivating marketing campaigns, has used video marketing to great effect. In 2013, Apple released a campaign called “Designed by Apple in California,” which focused on the emotional connection between people and their Apple devices. This campaign showcased the positive impact of Apple products on users’ lives and forged a strong emotional bond with the audience. As a result, Apple’s brand value and sales continued to grow, solidifying their position as a global technology leader.

Ensure a Compelling Call to Action:

While engaging video content is crucial, the true measure of how much your video boosts sales lies in your call to action (CTA).

An effective CTA is essential for gaining new customers and driving more sales. There are various types of CTAs that can capture attention and persuade customers to buy from you. 

A captivating video ad coupled with a clear and effective call to action can drive sales and brand awareness, as evidenced by McDonald‘s “Big Mac Bacon” campaign. McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, has consistently used video marketing to promote its products and offers. In 2019, McDonald’s launched the “Big Mac Bacon” campaign, which featured an engaging video ad that showcased the limited-time addition of bacon to their iconic Big Mac. The video ended with a clear call to action, urging viewers to try the new Big Mac Bacon at their nearest McDonald’s restaurant. The campaign resulted in increased foot traffic and sales, as well as heightened brand visibility.

5 Video Formats that Boost Sales

No matter the industry, sales will always be a competitive arena. To boost sales, consider utilizing customized video content for prospecting. Prospecting can be challenging, especially considering the nearly 350 billion emails sent and received daily.

Cutting through the noise becomes much easier with a tailored video directed at your prospect. SuperOffice reports that emails with the word ‘video’ in the subject line have a 6% higher open rate. This sales approach can be effective for both existing and new customers, demonstrating from the outset that you’re attentive and committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign featured personalized bottle labels with individual names, which were promoted through customized videos shared on social media platforms. The videos targeted specific users, addressing them by name and encouraging them to share a Coke with friends and family. This highly personalized approach boosted customer engagement, social media sharing, and overall sales.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos can help increase sales by enabling you to share more information about your brand, product, or service with potential customers. A standard explainer video script follows a problem-solution-benefit narrative structure.

This structure allows you to address the challenges your target audience faces, present your product or service as a solution, and highlight the advantages of choosing your offering. Explainer videos are typically concise, visually appealing, and engaging, which makes them highly effective in capturing viewers’ attention and providing essential information quickly.

By clearly demonstrating the value of your product or service, explainer videos can help potential customers understand how it meets their needs and why they should choose your brand. As a result, these videos can be instrumental in driving sales and boosting conversion rates.

Dropbox created a simple and engaging explainer video that clearly demonstrated the benefits of using their cloud storage service. The video, which was featured prominently on their homepage, effectively communicated the problem-solution-benefit narrative and played a significant role in the company’s rapid growth and user acquisition.

Instructional/Demo Videos:

Instructional and demo videos can boost sales by showing existing customers how to maximize the benefits of your products or services, and by demonstrating to new customers how they function – enticing more people to make a purchase.

Product demo videos are especially valuable when you’re selling a software platform or any product with complex features. These videos can clarify the usage process, showcase key functionalities, and highlight the advantages of your product, making it easier for potential customers to grasp the value it brings to their lives or businesses. By providing clear demonstrations and guidance, you can increase customer confidence, enhance user experience, and ultimately drive more sales.

Tasty, a popular food-focused media brand, creates short, visually appealing instructional videos demonstrating various recipes. By showing viewers step-by-step how to create delicious meals, Tasty engages its audience, encourages them to try new recipes, and drives sales for its associated products, such as branded cookware and recipe books.

Testimonial Videos:

Testimonial videos are among the most effective ways to boost sales. According to Testimonial Statistics 2020, 9 out of 10 people trust a customer’s statement about a business more than the business’s self-promotion. This is a significant indicator that if you’re not creating testimonial videos, you’re missing a valuable opportunity.

By featuring real customers sharing their experiences with your product or service, testimonial videos offer credibility and authenticity. They allow potential customers to see the real-world benefits and satisfaction your offerings provide, which can greatly influence their purchasing decision. Implementing testimonial videos in your marketing strategy can help build trust, improve your brand’s reputation, and ultimately increase sales.

Slack, the team collaboration platform, created a series of testimonial videos featuring real customers sharing their experiences using the service. These videos showcased the benefits of Slack, including improved communication and productivity, helping build trust with potential customers and leading to increased user adoption and sales.

Video Advertisements:

Video ads are perhaps the most conventional method to boost sales using video since they are specifically designed for that purpose.

Ads enable you to present your brand, product, or service to new potential customers, generating excitement and potentially driving results for your marketing campaign.

You cannot always rely on people discovering your website and watching your videos there. It’s essential to reach out to where your audience is, and that often means social media platforms. Social media advertising is among the most effective ways to increase sales through videos, extending your reach, and targeting potential customers in their online spaces.

By utilizing video advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you can tap into the vast user bases and target specific demographics relevant to your business. This targeted approach helps to ensure that your video ads reach the right audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Additionally, video ads can be optimized for different formats and placements, such as in-feed videos, Stories, or pre-roll ads, allowing you to adapt your content to various user behaviors and preferences. This versatility enhances user engagement and makes your video ads more effective in driving sales.

In summary, leveraging video ads on social media platforms offers numerous benefits, including increased brand exposure, a targeted approach to reach the right audience, and adaptable formats that cater to different user preferences. By incorporating video advertisements into your marketing strategy, you can successfully engage potential customers and boost sales.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” video ad campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick and other athletes, was shared extensively on social media platforms. The powerful and inspiring video ad generated significant buzz, leading to increased brand exposure and a boost in sales for the company’s products. The campaign demonstrated the power of video ads on social media, targeting the right audience and capturing their attention.

Numerous strategies can be employed to boost sales using video, and we hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your upcoming video marketing campaigns.

Elevate Your Sales with Professional Corporate Video Production

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