Corporate Video That’s Made To Be Shared

When you are considering corporate video production in Singapore, you can easily find a video production house willing to shoot and edit your video. But a finished video is really just the start of the video marketing process. What many video production companies lack is the ability to get that video working for you.
  • Video viewership increases dramatically every year. Here are some statistics about video that will amaze you:
  • One-third of online activity is spent watching video.

  • 72 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  (Source: Wordstream)
So Why Do Many Videos Fail To Deliver?
Corporate Videos are judged by the same standards as any video, including high-quality TV shows and expensive TV advertisements. In some respects, the online audience is even more discerning and critical than the average TV viewer; they will quickly move on if the video doesn’t have immediate appeal. It’s important that your corporate video delivers its message quickly and it doesn’t hurt to be entertaining as well! Successful corporate videos share some or all of the following attributes:
Keep your video short and to the point. The average viewing length of an online video is 2 minutes 42 seconds. Tools on video platforms such as Vimeo can analyse your video and show you where viewership peaked and where it dropped off.
A corporate video on a very dull subject can be transformed through a witty voice over or graphics that make you smile.
Your business video doesn’t require Hollywood production values, but viewers are quickly turned off by issues such like poor audio quality or spelling errors.
The likelihood that your video will be shared freely by your target audience is a defining factor in its success. What makes a video shareable? Sometimes it’s just luck, but often a video that goes viral will have a positive, even inspirational message. It will generally contain a message or imagery that viewers feel compelled to share with friends or colleagues. 
Offing Media are recognised specialists in low-cost video production in Singapore. We will also make sure your corporate, product or explainer video gets posted to the right video sharing platforms. Offing Media works with you to create a video marketing strategy that targets the right audience with the right message.
About Offing Media Pte Ltd
We are a creative video production company based in Singapore. As a full-service production company we help you with the following services for your corporate video production.
Creative direction


Providing right talent – Director, Videographer, Producer, Camera Assistant, Sound Engineer, Makeup etc

Providing the right equipment

Video Editing

Animation and Visual Effects

Voice Over Talent


We’re passionate about providing affordable video production solutions and aim to be the leading low-cost video production company in South-East Asia.

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