Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Drones for Your Next Video

Drone Filming Singapore – Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Drones for Your Next Video

The capabilities of video have expanded exponentially in only a few short years. Not only can everyone be a sort of videographer (and at all times) since the proliferation of smartphones, but everyone can add 3D graphics to their home movies, with just a few easy screen-taps. Video creation tools are far more advanced, far easier to access, and far more user-friendly than ever before.

And one of the most interesting of these advanced, accessible video creation tools is the drone, which has revolutionized not only videography, but warfare, landscaping, construction, and scientific research. It truly is one of the most powerful developments of the 21st century. Here are 5 reasons you should use drone in your own next video.

1. Wow Factor of Drone Video

It’s so easy, now, to add pre-built graphics into your videos, that 3D effects are no longer cutting edge. Instead, if you want your video to look cutting edge, nothing is more effective than drone footage.

Drone footage adds professionalism to your video production—which translates into trust in your company’s professionalism. It is emotionally affecting and impactful, and perfect to give your video (and the audience’s perception of your brand) a boost.

2. New Sights

A drone allows you to showcase views of your business or service that would otherwise be unachievable. For example, the Konecranes video above includes videos from way up high in the air, from the same angle as the cranes themselves, zooming shipping containers around in the air. Ordinarily, a person would only be able to watch this happen from far below the action—but by using a drone, we were able to give a closer look at what’s happening.

3. More Effective Angles

Moreover, a drone not only gives you new angles, but open far more appropriate angles for your business and service. For example, realtors use drone videography to showcase homes and properties—presenting more of the property faster, more clearly, and more majestically than eye-level camerawork. Additionally, construction companies can very effectively showcase their work, using the maneuverability of drones. Drones can also highlight the attendance at an event, by quickly capturing a large aerial view. Using a drone opens up a world of possibilities for more effectively, clearly, emotionally exhibiting your service with visual language.

4. Context

The wide aerial views that are so easy for drones to capture, help place your business in a larger context. For instance, in the above Konecranes video, drone footage is used to show the warehouse’s place in its city. This can help give personality to your brand, and even show how it works as part of the community.

5. Cost & Safety

Drones give you a multitude of opportunities that would otherwise only be available at great cost. You no longer have to pay for a crane or helicopter to grab those impressive bird’s-eye shots. And even the in-between shots are substantially safer now: it’s not necessary for a camera operator to climb a high ladder, or figure out how to get onto a roof, or into a dangerous location to get an important shot. Instead, you can use a professional drone videography company, to get the most harrowing of angles with no risk of injury, at a small fraction of the former cost.

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