Client testimonial video

The client testimonial video is one of the most powerful promotional tools in your arsenal. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of producing a client testimonial video now.

First off, a potential customer wants to hear from your previous customers. When you talk about your product or service, the potential customer knows that you think it’s great–you made it. Your opinion here doesn’t carry much sway. Instead, the potential customer wants to know the first-hand opinion of people who have used your product or service. And this is exactly what they get from watching a client testimonial video. Such a video provides an objective third-party perspective on the quality and effectiveness of your product or service.

This helps build your potential customers’ trust in you. Not only because of the glowing third-party review, but also because they actually get to see a human face, hear a human voice, and see first-hand the people your product or service has helped.

Additionally, a client testimonial video can be a great opportunity for explaining your product or service or getting across any important information. In contrast to an explainer video, which can be boring and dull like a school lecture, in a testimonial video, a real-life human being is simply talking to the audience about their very human experience–telling their story. And if you can tie in the information you need conveyed, it will be passed on impactfully. If the explanation of your product or service becomes part of the client’s story, and they tell your audience not only how your product or service works, but why that mattered to them personally, then the audience not only learns about your company, but learns why they should care, and are far more likely to both pay attention and remember. In a way, you are hiding an explainer video within the client testimonial video.

Another benefit of a client testimonial video is what the very fact that you have one, says about you. The fact that you have taken the time and effort to create a whole video about your client’s experience shows that you care about your clients. This is a very powerful message when you’re trying to build trust with potential customers. By producing a client testimonial video, you will not only convey all of the information that the client themselves say, but the very existence of the video shows all the time and care you give to your clients, and you will convey to potential customers that your clients are valuable to you.

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