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Live Streaming. You’ve heard the buzz, but how does it work and what are the benefits for your company? Live streaming is an increasingly important platform for delivering targeted content that captivates audiences and delivers results. Next generation streaming devices and the increasing use of cloud services enable companies to deliver their message efficiently, to the right audience, at low cost and minimum hassle. The benefits? Instant, live communication throughout your company network. Better-informed employees. A visually appealing medium that really connects with staff, suppliers and clients.

We provide a full video streaming service, including multi-camera set-ups, lighting and sound. Be it an internal corporate event or large-scale conference, we have in-house equipment and expertise to meet your live streaming requirements.

Let us partner with you to develop live streaming solutions for your next corporate presentation, live event, training seminar, conference, marketing launch or e-commerce project.

1. Corporate Communications
Internal video communication has a long established track record for improving staff engagement and explaining company strategy in clear, simple terms. Live streaming takes this further by creating unique ‘live’ experiences that bring staff together and foster a greater sense of inclusion and collaboration. Live streaming provides opportunities for interactive communication and audience participation that traditional video cannot always offer. Offing Media are proud to offer live video streaming to our corporate video clients—talk to us about the options available.

2. Live Streaming Events
The commercial benefits of streaming live events are often under-valued. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalise on your next live event – bring it to a much larger audience through live streaming. Most video streaming platforms offer geo-restrictions so you can ensure you reach the right audience. Live event streaming ranges from company ‘town hall’ meetings that you want to make available to wider staff and partners, to large-scale OTT (over-the-top) video productions that may be sold as pay-per-view or on subscription.

3. Live Streaming Training
Live streaming is a valuable tool for delivering cost-effective training solutions remotely. The content can also be recorded, edited and delivered on-demand for later viewing. When you consider the costs associated with onsite training, including travel and accommodation, the benefits of live streaming your training content become very apparent. Interactive webinars allow this training to be tailored and more responsive to your audience and their specific needs.

4. Live Streaming Marketing Events
When you consider the audience that Apple attracts for its live-streamed product launches, it’s obvious that live streaming can have a huge impact on your marketing reach. Of course, to ensure a successful marketing launch for your company’s product or service, you need to ‘market’ your live stream as well. Social media campaigns that build up to a live-streamed event launch are a very effective tool to maximise your audience and generate results.

Trade shows and conferences offer a unique opportunity to build customer leads—often your suppliers and product specialists are there to present information anyway, so why not extend this audience through live streaming of product demos and seminars?

Live streaming doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘slick’; sometimes a simple and straight-forward video message will have greater appeal to your customers, giving them insight into your company and a sense of community and involvement that you wouldn’t gain from a TV commercial or print media. By making the content easily shareable, you also encourage your audience to market on your behalf.

5. E-Commerce Live Streaming
Live streaming videos are a natural fit with e-commerce platforms, allowing your customers to see your product or service demonstrated and then immediately follow through with a purchasing decision. Live streaming works particularly well when the customer is ‘primed’ for a special event—for example, a new product launch for Singles Day or Christmas. Live streaming also allows potential customers to develop a relationship with your company and a positive association with your brand.

Live video streaming offers compelling advantages over other forms of communication. It’s interactive, allowing your staff and clients to connect and engage with your company. It’s transparent, giving your audience a window into your world—something that helps build trust and loyalty. The best live streamed video is also educational, providing customers with more than just a sales pitch. 

Offing Media provide a turnkey solution for live video streaming that gives you professional results and great value for your marketing, training or communication budget. Contact us now—we can create a custom solution for your company.


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