Maximizing the Impact of Your Product Videos: Best Practices and Proven Strategies

One of the crucial responsibilities of any business is to inform and engage consumers about their products in an entertaining manner. To accomplish this goal, video content, especially product videos, is an effective option. However, it’s not enough to simply showcase the product in the video. To create a compelling product video, it should highlight the problem that the product addresses, how it offers a solution, and what the overall user experience is like. This approach ensures that the product video resonates with the consumers and captures their attention.

Drive Conversions and Boost Brand Awareness with Engaging Product Videos

In essence, a product video is a visual presentation that demonstrates the functionality of a product or service, highlights its unique features and benefits, and provides consumers with a glimpse of how it performs in real-world scenarios.

A product video can also incorporate a creative and captivating story that showcases how the product can make a difference in the lives of consumers. By incorporating storytelling into these videos, they can leave a more profound and long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience, enabling them to experience the product’s features instead of merely being told about them.

Effective product videos that clearly demonstrate the benefits of the product can build trust in the brand, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Why Product Videos are Worth Creating?

Inform and educate your audience with product videos

Product videos are an excellent tool to educate your target audience about your products and services. They provide visual and audio information that is easy to comprehend and can help your audience make informed purchasing decisions. Such videos offer informative yet entertaining content, providing a better understanding of how the product or service works and its ability to solve specific problems. Studies indicate that consumers prefer watching short videos than reading text to learn more about a product.

Streamline information delivery to save time for both consumers and sales reps

Product videos are a powerful time-saver as they convey a lot of information in a short duration. By sharing such videos with customers, businesses can allow them to digest the information quickly instead of having sales reps explain the product to each individual prospect.

Establish trust in your brand and products through product videos

Product videos can help establish trust in your brand and products by providing consumers with a chance to experience and try the product virtually before making a purchase. This builds credibility and provides real proof of the product’s effectiveness, leading to increased brand trust.

Boost conversions with effective product videos

Product videos can lead to increased conversions by providing consumers with the necessary information they need before making a purchase decision. By giving consumers a chance to experience and try the product virtually before purchasing, it builds trust and provides real proof of the product’s effectiveness. When customers have an in-depth look at how your product works and how they can use it in their lives, it can make them more confident in their decision to purchase your product. Effective product videos can show the true value of the product and boost customers’ confidence in making a smart purchase decision. Research suggests that 73% of consumers who watch product videos are more likely to make a purchase eventually.

Effective Use Cases for Product Videos

Product videos are an excellent tool to establish what your products do and alleviate any concerns or doubts your customers may have before making a purchase. They can be effective in every stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to decision-making.

During the awareness stage, consumers are more likely to trust a brand that provides detailed product videos, showcasing how the product looks and functions. This can help build brand trust and credibility.

In the consideration and evaluation stage, product videos can address frequently asked questions and clear up any concerns or inquiries about the product. This can help consumers make informed decisions about the product and move closer to making a purchase.

In the decision stage, you can showcase the strengths and benefits of your product, such as its quality, ease of use, and unique features, through a product video. This can help consumers feel confident in their decision to purchase your product and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Popular product video examples

Google Home:

The Google Home product video showcases the features and capabilities of the smart speaker. The video highlights how the device can provide assistance with daily tasks such as playing music, managing schedules, answering questions, and controlling smart home devices. The video also showcases the Google Assistant, which can understand voice commands and provide personalized responses based on the user’s preferences. The video utilizes storytelling to demonstrate the benefits of using the device and how it can integrate seamlessly into the user’s life. The video has been successful in promoting the device as a useful and innovative tool for enhancing daily routines and improving the overall home experience.

Volvo Trucks “The Epic Split” video:

The Volvo Trucks “The Epic Split” video featured Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split between two moving trucks. The video aimed to demonstrate the precision and stability of Volvo trucks, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales.

GoPro “Be a Hero” campaign:

The GoPro “Be a Hero” campaign featured a series of action-packed videos that showcased the capabilities of the GoPro camera. The campaign aimed to inspire consumers to capture and share their own adventurous experiences using the camera.

Overall, these real-life product videos have been successful in creating buzz, increasing brand awareness, and generating sales through their innovative and creative approach to advertising. They all utilized storytelling, emotion, and inspiration to resonate with their target audience and create a lasting impact.

Tips for Creating Effective Product Videos

Set Clear Goals for Your Product Video

Before starting to create a product video, it is important to set clear goals for what you want to achieve with it. This will help guide you in the video creation process and ensure that your video aligns with your overall marketing strategy. Consider what you want your video to achieve, such as building brand awareness, generating leads or sales, or educating current customers about key features. Having a clear goal in mind will make it easier to determine the content, tone, and format of your video.

Know Your Target Audience and Unique Value Proposition

To make an effective product video, you need to know your target audience and unique value proposition. Determine who you want to address in your video and what makes your product stand out from competitors. You can do this by talking to your sales team, surveying customers, or monitoring brand discussions on social media. Understanding your target audience and unique value proposition will help you tailor your messaging and make your video more engaging.

Choose the Right Type of Product Video

There are many different types of product videos, including demonstration videos, short looping videos, photos stitched together, scrolling screen captures, and review videos. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that best fits your goals, target audience, and unique value proposition. For example, demonstration videos work well for showcasing how a product works, while review videos can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Write an Effective Script and Create a Storyboard

A well-written script and storyboard are essential for creating an effective product video. Your script should introduce the context and problems your target audience faces, and how your product can solve those problems. It should also focus on the benefits of your product, rather than just its features. Your storyboard should detail what you want to display in the video, including music, dialogue, graphics, and more. A clear storyboard will save time during post-production and help ensure your final video aligns with your goals.

Film and Edit Your Product Video

When it comes time to film and edit your product video, make sure to stick to your goals, target audience, and unique value proposition. Use the right equipment and team members to make sure the final product is of high quality. Once filming is complete, edit the video according to your storyboard and add any necessary finishing touches. Finally, choose where to upload your video based on your goals, such as your website’s homepage, nurturing emails, social media platforms, or e-commerce product pages.

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