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Can social media video help your company?

Absolutely! Video is the most popular content type on social media today. On Instagram, videos receive twice as much engagement as images; on Facebook, videos receive more than 50% more shares than other content; and on Twitter, the engagement is also more than doubled when the content is a video rather than anything else.

Social media video is a great way to showcase your company. It has several advantages over other types of content. One of the most important is the human connection it can simulate. While text conveys information to your community, and images showcase your work and personality, video actually creates a conversation with the viewer.

They see and hear a real human, speaking directly to them. This can vastly improve the public perception of your company, as they get to know the behind-the-scenes humans who are responsible for what you do. In a way, video allows you to create a connection with your public before you’ve even met them. This is the case no matter the video content you’re making, but you can also target this human connection by making behind-the-scenes videos, designed to do nothing more than talk about the humans who work for your company.

This builds a sense of community and is a kind of content particularly perfect for the world of social media. Additionally, video is far more eye-catching, stimulating, and impactful. Explanations are easier to understand, and promotions are more memorable when done through a video.

So your audience, scrolling social media, are not only more likely to notice your content, they’re more likely to have a response to it, and remember it, too.

Offing Media is a social media video production company in Singapore, and we can help! There’s a big difference between social media videos done by an amateur and social media videos created by a video production company. We can help make sure that you’re not only putting this powerful marketing tool to use, but that you’re using it in the best way possible, and making the most high-class content you can.

These videos represent your brand; it’s important that they carry the same professionalism that your own company does. A professional social media video company like Offing Media will be a huge asset. Get in touch at [email protected] to discuss what we can add to your social media marketing and overall public presence.

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