Corporate Training Videos and the YouTube Effect

Corporate Training Video Production

Here’s the scenario – you’re creating a very important proposal document in Microsoft Word, and you’ve forgotten how to create a table of contents. Do you:

Open the help menu in Word and scroll through pages of instructions or…
Go to YouTube and search ‘How to create a table of contents MS Word’?

If you’re like most people, you will choose the video solution that ‘shows’ you how to get the task done. For younger employees who’ve grown up with the internet, this is a ‘no-brainer’; they will naturally gravitate towards video, a medium they understand well.

The costs involved in creating written documentation for your company’s products can be high, and the ROI (return on investment) may be quite low. After all, who reads manuals these days?

Professional video production is a way for your company to deliver your training and instructional messages in a format that is popular and highly accessible.

Live Streaming
Sometimes the most effective training video is one that can be delivered as soon as possible to meet the needs of your audience. Live streaming delivers immediate information to your employees or customers and being ‘live’, you will find audience engagement is much higher. You can even package this live video stream into a webinar product, to provide interactive elements that further enhance your organisation’s training goals.

Town Hall Meetings
Many larger corporations have staff spread across the country or even around the world. Capture those organisation-wide town hall meetings—whether it is streamed live to your far-flung employees or edited down to a concise corporate video, and ensure your people are kept in the loop.

Screencast Videos
Many company processes involve software interaction and screencast videos (direct screen capture of the software as its being used) are a low-cost and highly effective method for training staff and improving software skills.

Corporate Training Videos
Training videos have many other spin-off benefits to your organisation. They help your staff feel part of the business and they’re a great opportunity to build your company’s community and culture. For new employees, these videos provide a helpful introduction to the company and its goals.

Offing Media are specialists in low-cost corporate video production. We take this approach because we believe the corporate video is the best tool for training available today and we keep the costs low so you can achieve your training video requirements. Training videos don’t need to be expensive extravaganzas—short, to-the-point video clips on well-defined topics can be a huge productivity boost for your company.

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