Video Production Cost in Singapore

Cost of video production in singapore


In a recent survey, 55% of respondents selected the budget as the main challenge that is holding back their video production project. However, 45% pointed out that the critical factor that pushes them back is the time it takes to produce quality video content. Everyone agrees that video marketing works and it’s supported by several studies and mountains of statistics that are available in the public domain.

If time and money are the biggest challenges for you, we are happy to help. At Offing Media we specialise in low-cost video production. So no matter the size of your budget we can help you produce your video.

Video production cost depends on various factors – video length, production style, equipment and manpower used for production, post-production requirement, 3D/2D/visual effects etc.

Our rates for video production range from S$1000 to S$20,000, depending on the scale and requirements of the video.

Business Video
Our Business video production rate starts from S$1500. We provide a simple corporate video production package, including script development, a three-person crew and post-production, for around S$5000. For some of our clients, this is all they need. But if you’re looking for a bit more ‘wow’ in your next video production, we’ve got what you need, with visual effects, animation, extra crew and professional actors to take your video to the next level. For larger or more involved shoots, we meet with you, discuss your project goals and provide a custom quote that is tailored to your production requirements.

Event Video
Our rates for event video production begin at S$1250. Need a package price for multi-camera, multi-day production? Just contact us, and we’ll put together a deal that works for you.

Safety Video Cost
Safety video cost varies depending on the number of days of filming, length of the video, 2D/3D animation and visual effects requirements. We produced safety videos for several leading companies in Singapore and the cost range from $2500 to around $10000 per video, depending on the requirements of the video.

Training videos
Training videos can be produced in different formats and types depending on your training goals and the industry you are in. Here are some common formats.

Instructor led training video
Animated training videos
Voice-over led training video
Demonstration video
Role-play video
Screencast video

While a simple demonstration video can be produced with a $1000 budget a longer video with animation and voice over will be costlier than that. 

So how much will it cost to produce a video in Singapore? You decide. Tell us your budget, and we’ll do the rest providing you with the best possible video production package at the right price.


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