What does a Videographer do?

Singapore Videographer

The job title ‘videographer’ refers to the person who operates a video camera and films content for corporate video production, TV news or live events. What is the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer? Historically, movies and television shows were produced on 35mm celluloid film, which provided the highest quality image. Video was mainly used for news stories, corporate video and anything that required fast-turnaround video production. The camera operators on smaller-scale video shoots were known as videographers, whereas the camera operators on feature films were known as cinematographers.

What is Videography?
The development of HD and 4K video technology has blurred the lines between videography and cinematography. Almost every shoot, from weddings to blockbuster movies, are filmed on high-quality video cameras now.

These days, videography is probably best defined as ‘efficient video production’.

A videographer is a multi-skilled operator who can set up and operate the camera, lights, microphones, often as a one-person crew. They are very familiar with their equipment and how it all works together. A skilled videographer can work quickly, which is very important when there is limited time for filming, and you need to capture as many shots as possible.

Videography for Businesses
At Offing Media, we specialise in videography for businesses. When companies need to communicate with staff and customers, business video is the perfect way to get your message across. We provide efficient video production services, including:

• A small one to three-person crew for minimal disruption

• Modern LED lighting equipment that is compact and doesn’t create heat

• Low-cost, high production value tools such as gimbals and drones

Many of the high-end film-making techniques such as green screen, Steadicam and aerial photography are now available to everyone, thanks to modern technology.

Green Screen Video
By filming subjects against a green screen, we can replace the background with another image. This technique is handy for interviews where you want to add background content such as graphics. While greenscreen shoots used to require elaborate lighting set-ups, the latest digital tools make the process a lot quicker and easier to achieve.

Steadicam Video
Steadicam is a stabilisation system for camera operators that allows for smooth tracking shots without the need for a dolly or tracks. This motion control technology has filtered down into lower-cost tools such as handheld gimbals. Using these lightweight gimbals, videographers can now capture smooth motion shots that rival Steadicam quality. Handheld gimbals are highly portable and perfect for filming in factories and locations where the crew needs to be nimble.

Aerial Videography
Aerial footage used to require helicopters and complicated mounts. Drone technology has made aerial videography affordable and practical. We even use compact drones in large indoor locations, where they can achieve similar results to crane shots, for a lot less cost.

Corporate Videography
Offing Media is a video production house based in Singapore. Our videography crews work across a range of productions, including:

• Corporate Videos
• Training Videos
• Live Streams
• Health & Safety Videos
• Event Videos
• Ad Videos
• Social Media Videos

We specialise in affordable corporate video production that is tailored to your needs, whether that’s a one-person videographer for an interview, to a full crew for a live multi-camera event. We offer competitive rates and welcome the opportunity to quote on your next video.

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