Customer Testimonial Video Production – Why Your Business Needs a Customer Testimonial Video?

Who has the better product or service–you or your competitors?

Obviously, you’re going to answer: you. That’s the whole reason you’re selling and promoting your product or service–you think it’s the best one out there.

But why should a customer believe you? Of course, you say you have the best product–you get paid for that opinion! How can a customer actually trust that your product or service is as good as you say it is?
Well, what you need is for someone besides you to talk about your product or service. And that is where customer testimonial videos come in. Your business needs a customer testimonial video.

Why? To answer that, let’s consider the options.

First, there are non-video customer testimonials. These are usually text-based. And these do help with our original dilemma: they give the audience an objective third-party perspective on your product or service.
However, there are some drawbacks to doing this in text. For one thing, text is simply not as engaging as video. Videos increase the length of time that viewers stay on a landing page. They’re also helpful for explaining complicated services, as video is much easier to understand (and stay focused on) than text.

But the greater strength of video is that your audience gets to actually see and hear a real human being  There’s no mistaking where this information is coming from. And putting a human face on the words makes those words much more trustworthy.

Customer Testimonial Video Production Singapore

Even if you allow reviews on your products, even if your product has been reviewed elsewhere, and has a 4.8-star rating all across the web–this statistic is impersonal and still not as trustworthy as it can be.By using a customer testimonial video, their review and opinion get tied into their human trustworthiness. They can have a huge impact on a potential customer’s interest in your product or service.

Instead of biased opinions from the company itself, and instead of faceless words from a textual customer review, a customer testimonial video shows your audience that real, loveable, trustworthy, humans have had success with your product or service, and approve of it.

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