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Explainer videos are an extremely powerful marketing tool–and not just if your product or service is complex. If your potential customers are looking into your product or service, if they’re looking at your website, social media, or marketing, they want an explanation of your product or service. They want to know how you would explain what you’re selling, and why you think it’s valuable. And producing an explainer video is the best way to do this.

There are several key advantages. First off, in a video, you can show how your product or service works, in real time, visually. And this visual demonstration is far easier to understand than even the most pithy text explanation. Secondly, a video combines visuals and audio. This means that your audience not only sees directly how your product works but if there are other important things to know, any more complex aspects can still be explained. Which is even better than combining visuals with text, because, in a video, the audio is simultaneous with the visuals. Thus, your audience not only hears the important explanation of your product or service, but, simultaneously, sees it in action, making a much bigger impact.

When it comes to explainer video productions you have a few options. For starters, you get to choose between an animated video (like you see above, in the Spherepay video) and a live-action video. There are advantages to each. If you go the live-action route, your audience will see the real, actual product or service you are promoting, which can be great for the most realistic explainer video. But if you choose animated video production, you add a little bit of fun and casualness, and even extra appeal, to the video, since animation attracts the eye–it even attracts childrens’ eyes, as we all know.

You can also choose between voice-over, direct speech, or silence for your audio. Voice-over is probably the most common, as it allows you to very efficiently explain your product. But with direct speech, where someone on-screen talks directly to the viewer, you get a little bit of extra personal appeal, since the video now feels more like a conversation with a real person. Or you could go the silent route, explaining your product or service with only visuals. This achieves maximum elegance, and is a great option for posting to social media, where people often browse with their sound off.

Whatever options you prefer, Offing Media can help with your explainer video production. Contact us now to see what we can do together, at [email protected].


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