4 Secrets to Producing a Great Business Video

Business Video Production

Every piece of visual entertainment has a story or should have, to keep us engaged and carried along by its narrative. Is business video communication any different?
The answer is that corporate videos, instructional, safety and explainer videos and almost every kind of video production needs a great story.

Facts tell stories sell. The worst examples of videos that defeat their purpose are videos that are little more than talking brochures that list numbers and facts without context. There must be 4 key elements in your video that transform the production to something your audience enjoys and wants to see over and over again.
So what are the 4 storytelling secrets you need to know?

Secret 1
Find a hero. The hero of your story can be a person, a business or a product. Your hero needs a backstory – how they began. How from their humble beginnings they became a leading entity in their own right. People love to know the what and who and where of how it all started. What were the struggles along the way?

Secret 2
Context. What is the context of this story and how does this relate to your viewers perspective of your business or strategy? If the theme of your video is about Singapore’s changing, expanding digital landscape, how does this context directly affected your viewer? At which point will they be able to relate your story? Without the important connection via context, your viewers will feel like bystanders to your story, not active participants in your message.

Secret 3
Dilemma. Dilemma is the means by which every hero in his or her story is faced with a form of conflict before the final resolution. A dilemma is really a choice your hero makes before success follows. An example might be: a video with the story of a local Singapore company facing the choice of staying settled or investing and expanding their reach across Asia. The company must decide..and ‘Yes’, they make the right decision and expand their business with great success. The dilemma keeps your views hooked.

Secret 4
Conclusion. Every story needs resolution. A business video whether it’s about safety, staff induction, video instruction or compliance needs to leave viewers with an emotional connection to the message. A great sound bite, chosen well can say more than a page of voice-over script. Your resolution must inspire and resolve your message with a satisfying conclusion. 

Now it’s your turn to tell your story!

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