Explainer Video Animation

Explainer videos are outstanding tools for promoting your products or services. In comparison to text, videos are much easier to take in, much more engaging, and much more impactful, making video the optimal medium for teaching an audience about what your company offers. Want to try out explainer videos in your own marketing?  Here are a few great tips on explainer video production.

Focus on Solving a Problem

Although your inspiration for making an explainer video might be that you want to explain the workings of your product or the details of your service, a video that is essentially a list of specs is not going to engage an audience–nor convert into sales. Instead, use the overarching frame of:

1) a problem exists;

2) this product or service is the solution.

In the end, your content will still have the same information–will still explain the workings of your product or the details of your service–but by framing that information as a solution to your potential customers’ problem, it becomes much more meaningful.

Speak in Second Person

Speak directly to your audience, and to your potential customers. Part of the appeal of a video is that it’s personal–it’s a way for your audience to feel like they’ve spent some time with you; it casts a spell that makes the audience feel as if they’ve gotten to know a real-life human
being. If your video is in the third person, that spell is broken. Instead, use the second person (i.e. addressing the audience as “you”), and turn your video into a conversation with your audience.

Record Professional Voiceover

The sound of your narrator’s voice is particularly important in an explainer video, even more than in other videos. So much of the video’s intention is carried out through the narrator’s dialogue, it becomes vital that your narrator’s voice is clear and appealing. Use a professional microphone and record high-quality audio without any extraneous noise. And when you cast your narrator, keep your standards high regarding the way they sound. Seek out the next Benedict Cumberbatch  your local James Earl Jones  If the voice of your explainer is appealing, the explanation itself will be more enjoyable and engaging.

Keep It Short

Focus is key when it comes to online video. Online attention spans aren’t always very long. Additionally, extra, unnecessary words just water-down your message. Instead, keep only the words you need. This will make sure they have maximum impact.

Hire a Professional Animator

If you really want to make the best quality animated explainer video you can, get in touch with an explainer video production company like Offing Media. Video is what we do, all day every day, with years of experience. Contact us at info@offingmedia.com now.


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