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When a client is making a video the first consideration is the visual content. This makes perfect sense as a video (from the Latin To See) is a visual medium.  Videos are driven largely by what we write on the page prior to shooting and involve discussions about locations, lighting, availability of personnel required for the shoot and other factors.

What is often omitted from the planning process is the need for perfect audio recording. It is not uncommon for an interview to be planned, and then, to everyone’s great frustration, on the day of the shoot, its discovered that there is a major issue with sound recording because of a poorly selected venue. It could be that a building that is being constructed next to the interview location, with all the attendant heavy construction sound effects coming through the wall. Or other site issues might that the interview is planned at the time staff take their lunch and stream past the office where the interview was scheduled, creating foot traffic and laughter and unwanted chatting sound effects. Similarly, audio recording of dialogue near office or hotel lobbies, beside roads, schools and under flight paths are potentially a no-no.

To mitigate external noise when recording sound, plan shoot when there will be quiet, or as near to it as you can expect, in your chosen location. If this is not possible, change location. Putting radio mics on your talent will assist somewhat in isolating their voice from the background as will the use of a professional boom mic. You will need a skilled boom operator for this purpose, but this cost could save you real problems in your edit. A boom mic is designed to capture sound in a specific shape towards the subject and brilliantly cuts extraneous sounds on location. Also, a boom microphone is vital if you want to capture dialogue from more than two talent, in a seated discussion for example.

If you return to your edit and discover that there is the annoying room echo of a large space recorded in the audio, what’s the fix here? For a long time you were stuck with your voicing sounding rough, however various and affordable audio plugins can solve these issues by removing the reverberation effect on recorded voices. These effects can be used with editing platforms negating the cost of expensive remedial work at an audio post house. SPL make De-Verb that does a great job of this, as does a similar product from Crumplepop.

Audio recording will make or break your video and needs as much planning as your visual preparation. Go ahead and consider the ways to maximise your shoot with some smart audio preparation, a task that could just save the day.

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