The Top 10 Mobile Video Editing Apps of 2023: Edit Like a Pro On-the-Go

The Definitive Guide to the Top 10 Mobile Video Editing Apps of 2023

Mobile video editing has undergone a radical transformation in recent years, with apps increasingly offering the kinds of capabilities previously only found in desktop software. Whether you’re a professional videographer or just someone looking to edit your home videos, having the right mobile app can make all the difference. Below, we present the top 10 mobile video editing apps for 2023, suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

Adobe Premiere Rush


Multi-track timeline

Built-in templates

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Adobe Premiere Rush brings professional-grade video editing to your smartphone. It features a multi-track timeline, built-in templates, and seamless integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.



Layer-based editing

Real-time recording

Variety of special effects

KineMaster offers layer-based editing that lets you add multiple types of media to your project. It’s great for advanced users who want control over the smallest details.



User-friendly interface

Pre-set filters and effects

Great for social media

InShot is perfect for quick edits and is especially useful for social media posts. The app offers a variety of preset filters and effects, making it incredibly user-friendly.



Intuitive design

4K resolution support

Apple ecosystem integration

Exclusively for iOS users, iMovie offers an intuitive design and powerful features, including support for 4K resolution. It’s ideal for Apple users looking for smooth integration across devices.



Non-linear editing

Royalty-free music library

Export in custom resolutions

FilmoraGo provides a non-linear editing interface and a plethora of features including a royalty-free music library, making it a comprehensive solution for mobile video editing.

Quik by GoPro


Automated editing

Syncs with GoPro footage

Simple interface

Quik is designed for quick and automated video editing, especially for GoPro users. It syncs seamlessly with GoPro footage and offers a simple yet effective interface.



Multi-track editing

Chroma key support

4K export

PowerDirector is a robust video editing app featuring multi-track editing and support for chroma keying, making it suitable for more advanced editing tasks.



Professional-grade tools

Multi-layer video editing

Advanced audio features

Exclusively for iOS, LumaFusion offers a range of professional-grade tools and features, including multi-layer video editing and advanced audio features.



In-app camera

Built-in social sharing

A variety of themes and filters

VivaVideo comes with an in-app camera for capturing footage and has built-in social sharing capabilities. The app offers a range of themes and filters for easy customization.



Simple drag-and-drop interface

Automatic syncing with music

Quick export options

Splice offers a simple drag-and-drop interface, automatic syncing with music, and quick export options, making it ideal for those looking for simplicity and speed.

These are the top 10 mobile video editing apps of 2023, offering a wide range of features to suit various needs. From professional-grade editing tools to quick and simple solutions for social media posts, these apps provide flexibility for editing on-the-go. Before choosing an app, consider what you need, be it 4K support, layer-based editing, or quick automated features, and you’ll find an app that fits your requirements perfectly.

As technology continues to advance, expect these apps to offer even more sophisticated capabilities, further narrowing the gap between mobile and desktop video editing solutions.


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