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Animated Video Production in Singapore

Animations are an increasingly popular style of video production that offers many benefits, including eye-catching visuals and fewer filming costs. A well-produced explainer video can explain concepts and services in a unique way that can be harder to achieve with live-action video. At Offing Media, we provide the following animated video services:

3D Animation

2D Animation

Explainer Videos

Medical Animation Videos

Cartoon Animations

2D or 3D – what’s the difference? 

There are many different styles and techniques in animation, but they are primarily divided into 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation is a flat, more cartoon-like style that is simpler to achieve, but it’s this simplicity that makes them so effective. 

This explainer video for Sphere Pay combines live action with 2D animation to help explain the more technical aspects of their service offering. 3D animation, as the name suggests, uses fully three-dimensional characters, objects and environments to create a more realistic world. Many products are now rendered as 3D motion graphics rather than filming a real object. Why? It gives video creators more flexibility to place and manipulate the 3D object in the video edit.  We produced this 3D animation for Presidium to demonstrate one of their products. The 3D animation gave us complete control over lighting and movement. You can combine both types of animation with live-action content. Animated infographics work particularly well when integrated with live video backgrounds, reinforcing your key message. 

Are animated videos expensive to make? 

Animated videos used to be very labour-intensive and time-consuming, but modern technologies such as motion capture and dedicated software have made the animation process a lot more efficient. Offing Media produce highly cost-effective animated videos and motion graphics for our clients, and we’ve found the key to keeping costs down is good planning and proper script development. 

What are Explainer Videos? 

Explainer videos are generally short animated videos that ‘explain’ your product or service. Often used on websites and landing pages, explainer videos are particularly useful for describing products or services that are less tangible, such as software or financial offerings. Generally, these videos incorporate a call-to-action, motivating the viewer to act. 

Medical Animations 

You can use animation to demonstrate medical or surgical procedures. These visualisations can be more informative and less off-putting than showing real surgical images. 2D and 3D animation have many benefits beyond just the medical sector, helping to explain technical processes for everything from construction to financial markets.

Animated Social Media Videos 

Social media channels need regular fresh content to keep audiences engaged, but producing live video is not always practical within short timeframes. Short, visually captivating animations can fill this need and can be easily re-sized for square or vertical formats as required. Animated typography is a popular style that works very well because many viewers consume media without sound, so the message needs to be delivered through concise visuals.

The benefits of animated videos 

Not only do they look great, animated videos are easy to produce during periods where social distancing is required, as all the work can be done remotely and digitally. The other benefits include:

No need for on-camera actors, presenters and locations

Content can be easily reformatted for different channels

Voice-overs can be changed or updated at minimal cost Animations also allow you to fully integrate your company’s branding into the video, with complete control over colours and product details. If you’d like more information on animated video production, contact the team at Offing Media.

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