Top 5 Tips to Making a Great Instagram Video

Social media video drives more engagement online compared to any other kind of content. Even on Instagram, created for sharing images (which are already more engaging than text), videos create double the engagement of images.

So how can you create an engaging, effective video specifically for Instagram? Here are five great tips on Instagram video production.

1. Instagram Video Production – Prioritise the First Moments

Videos auto-play as viewers scroll through Instagram. But while viewers are scrolling, there is no inherent reason why they should stop scrolling and watch an entire video. On Instagram, you’re competing with images, which can be taken in all at once. If a viewer just scrolls by, they’re only going to see a few moments of your video, not necessarily the whole thing.

This makes front-loading your video vital for two reasons. One is to capture the viewer’s interest. Patience is not a necessary quality of Instagram viewers. If you want them to watch your video to the end, you have to catch their interest from the beginning.

The second reason for making your first moments the most important moments is in case viewers don’t watch all of your videos. If the opening shot of your video doesn’t promote your brand, the viewer has scrolled by without becoming any more familiar with your company.

But if your video’s opening showcases your brand clearly and quickly, even if that’s all most people see of your video, they will be le with an impression of your brand.

2. Instagram Video Production – Use Text

Most scrollers have their sound off for most of their time on Instagram. If all the important information in your video is in the dialogue/narration, most of your viewers are going to miss it. Instead, put your most important points into the on-screen text to ensure that every viewer, no matter their sound level, knows what you’re trying to say.

3. Instagram Video Production – Use a Proper Aspect Ratio

As previously pointed out, attention spans on social media can be low. If some element of a post tells you not to bother with it, your eyes will effortlessly flit on to the next post without even noticing.

The aspect ratio is one such element. While most Instagram scrollers aren’t consciously thinking about aspect ratio, if they see an improper one, they will probably scroll right past, without even realizing why. Aspect ratio is such an essential part of your video’s presentation that it can make people completely disregard your ad before they know anything else about it.

Additionally, a proper aspect ratio just makes your video look better. Instagram is built to promote certain aspect ratios–so put that tool to use!

Don’t ever make a horizontal video for Instagram. Videos should be square or shot in portrait mode, to best suit the platform.

4. Cross-Promote

Our number 4 top tip for videos on Instagram is … don’t restrict yourself to Instagram.  Post your videos on Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube and wherever else you have a presence!

5. Have a Clear Call to Action

Once you’ve engaged a viewer with top-notch content, you don’t want to lose them in the murky musings of, “What to do next?” Make it obvious, so the viewer doesn’t scroll right by! If you want the viewer to contact you about your service, give them your contact info and tell them to get in touch.

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