Social Media Video Production 

So you’ve learned that video is one of the most powerful tools a social media marketer has. You’ve heard the statistics about engagement doubling, about clicks increasing by hundreds of percent. You’re sold: you want to start incorporating video into your social media game.

Now the only question is … how do you do that?

Here are a few tips for starting out in social media video production.

1. Prioritise Audio 

This is an important tip for any video production  Amateur audio is far more noticeable than amateur video. Your audience will let you get away with beginner-quality visuals. But if your audio is noisy and unclear, they will not put up for a second . If audio is going to be a part of your video, make an effort and invest in a quality, directional microphone; find a quiet area or room for recording; and listen with headphones while you’re recording. You’ll be surprised at how much extra noise a microphone can pick up, that your own ears alone didn’t pay attention to. But that was “if” audio is going to be a part of your video; which brings us to our next tip…

2. Forget about Audio

Yes, we just said to prioritize audio, and now we’re talking about almost the opposite. The contradiction will make sense in a moment. But its necessary because of the importance of this tip: People often scroll social media on their phones with the sound off. So your audio can’t be essential to your content. Your video has to be able to be viewed with the sound off, if it has any chance of succeeding on social media. This is why you see so many Instagram and Facebook videos with animated text captions. And why you might be better off creating a video without any audio recording whatsoever! It’s up to you. It can work either way–but do make sure that if you record audio, you add captions, or some other tool to ensure that the video is also viewable with the sound off.

3. Plan 

Video production has many moving parts. Don’t try to improvise. If you want to make sure every part of your production goes smoothly, and fits together well, make a plan before your shooting day.

4. Put Your Subject on the ⅓ Line

The human eye tends to prefer visual art that keeps important elements ⅓ of the way across or down. While not a hard and fast rule, if you’re just starting out with social media video production, this tip can avoid a lot of growing pains.

5. Hire a Social Media Video Production Company

Want to avoid those growing pains altogether? Offing Media can produce the highest-quality social media videos for an affordable price! Get in touch at [email protected].

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